Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 29, 2014

Wassup fam!!

Man... what a week! Lots of traveling, but I'm feelin alright. Good luck to Cam in his big tournament this week, and good luck to Dad up at the deer club guiding! Everything is going well here...we had a tough week this last week workwise, with a couple of trips to Tampico interrupting that a little bit. The definite highlight of the week was Jesus' baptism on Saturday!! It was soo awesome. We hiked up to this one spot about a half hour away just tucked way back in the forest, (very similar to sliding rock in Alpine) to do the baptism. Jesus was so excited and expressed how happy and how good he felt after getting baptized. He told me on the walk back down from the river, "Now, I can declare that this is the true church!" haha it was a good memory.

The bad news of the week is.......... I got transferred :(. I'm trying not to be too sad but, dang, I was so attached to my last area and some of the people we were teaching. It was such a good experience to see that place progress and see such great people get baptized and reactivated. That place is just gonna explode one of these days! I loved it so much. They sent me to be zone leader. They sent me to a neighboring city to Tampico.  

I'm with Elder McNamara, my first American companion!! Haha he's a stud, we actually know each other pretty well from other areas and stuff. We're super excited to be together and get to work here. They've got a lot of problems in the wards (we've been assigned to work in two different wards), and the leadership in the stake in general, but we're gonna have a good attitude and hit the ground runnin! haha It's just a matter of learning the area. We're both brand new here so we'll probably be roamin around, just lost for the next couple of weeks haha. But we're pumped.

I took a few good pictures of the baptism that we had on Saturday, but I forgot my camera in the house! ha so you'll have to wait until next week to see those pics, sorry! But everything's good with me here, I'm so happy to hear that you all are doing well at home. I hope you're all pumped for General Conference this weekend!!! Haha General Conference in the mission is like better than Christmas for me. I'm getting excited! Take care, everybody!! Love you all to death.

Elder Webb

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