Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Is it really state tournament already?? Dang.... I was just getting used to the fact that he was just starting golf season again. Man that's just insane to me!! I'll be cheerin you on, Cam, all the way from Mexico! I'd send you a golf towel from Tampico but golf like doesn't exist in Mexico.....sorry....

But wowww this week was a little stressful! haha They put me and my companion in as zone leaders just barely, neither one of us had been zone leaders before, and they put us in charge of two areas instead of one, and obviously neither of us knew the area so we were getting lost all week. But it was good!! Haha Elder Mcnamara is a fun companion. It's weird having an American as a companion in all honesty... we talk in English most of the time, but neither one of us is used to talking English to a companion so like half of the time we have to talk in Spanish just to get the point across. haha it's kinda funny. But we're working well and just trying to get the hang of things as zone leaders and being new in the area. We're in charge of 18 missionaries I think... and like 8 of them are sister missionaries. But I'm loving it. I love working with people! We'll see how these next few weeks go... hopefully more smoothly :)

Was conference not the best thing ever?? I absolutely loved it. It's funny that you mention that, Mom, about the Spanish speakers. We were all watching the session on Saturday in English in the stake center in a group of about 6 missionaries. We watched it in the High Council room. So when the Spanish speaker came on, we went into where everyone else was watching it to be able to watch him speak in Spanish without the English voiceover. It was a cool experience! And I really enjoyed his talk! I think my favorite talks were Elder Holland's in the Saturday session about caring for the poor. I loved that one so much, and I always love Elder Holland's sincerity in his messages. I also loved President Uchtdorf's talk in priesthood session when he talked about taking personal responsibility for everything and being able to see ourselves clearly. "being able to see ourselves clearly is the beginning of all wisdom." We really enjoyed the conference here, I hope you guys did too!!

Well, I'm still thinking and praying for Grandpa Webb to have a speedy recovery. Get well soon, Grandpa, I love you! And I love the rest of you too! Thanks for everything. Tear it up this week Cam!!

Elder Webb

This is the picture of when Jesus was baptized in my last area. Abimael, who we had baptized just 4 or 5 weeks earlier, baptized him  :) it was a special experience and an absolutely beautiful place where we did it!

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