Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nada Mucho

hola mi familia! como estan?? Nothin goin on too new here at the mtc. ha i'm loving it, but at the same time i'm ready to get out of here and move on to the field! my spanish is actually pretty good... i understand a lot of it, although i can't speak it that well yet. most of my friends are starting to head out to the field. Talon headed out a week ago, jake and bitters headed out yesterday, and dawson just got his visa so he heads out on monday straight to australia! it's weird, i feel like i just got here!! time flies in the mtc... it really does. 

I'm starting to see the importance of teaching and living in correspondance with the spirit. as missionaries, they tell us basically daily that it's not us that converts people, it's the spirit. i always believed that, but now that i'm out here and i see all the miracles that can be brought forth from faith, my perspective has changed a bit. like i've told you all, we have investigators even here in the mtc. our teachers play the role of an investigator in the field so even though they arent the actual person, they represent the actual and do a really good job of playing the part of an investigator. i can't tell you how many times i've just gone into a lesson and the lesson plan has completely changed and i just relied on the spirit. you can feel it so strongly when you just have faith to open your mouth! it really is pretty cool... sometimes during lessons i catch myself and think, "how on earth are we having this full on 40 minute discussion in nothing but spanish?" there's no way on my own i could ever do that in the small amount of time i've been here. it really is a miracle and the gift of tongues is real if you put in the work on your part for it. 

this week has gone by pretty fast.... i don't know if i'm ready for the field or not! haha but its alright the mtc gets reeeeallly old after about 2 weeks of exactly the same thing every day. me and elder pedersen (dawson) basically just hang out all the time its sooo fun. without him the mtc would be soo boring. don't worry mom, i'm still working really hard :) i think i've gained like 7 pounds since i've been here.... haha the food isnt even good but there is soooo much of it. anyways, lifes good, hope all is well back home, love you all! te quirre mucho!
con amor,
--elder webb

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Send-Off and More Pictures

hola mi familia--

buenos dias! hope all is well at home! life at the mtc is... you guessed it... good. haha i know you're all getting sick of my uneventful emails and mail but in all honesty it's just busy work around here most of the time! so i have a hard time finding things to share. but i'll do my best!
This week was a good one.... it just flew by! i can't believe i've already been here 3 weeks.... isn't that crazy?? so this week my favorite district in our zone left. the last of them left tuesday morning. it's weird how you can become such good friends with people you've only known for just less than three weeks. honestly, i was soo close to at least 4 of those elders. so it kinda sucked having to send them off but we had a ton of fun with them before we sent them off. Yesterday was rough because i was soooo tired like the whole day. because the night before, a few of us elders hung out in dawson's room with elder jensen, probably my best friend from the leaving district. we stayed up talking and telling stories until like 12:30 in the morning. it was crazy. i know i know mom.... lights out and 10:30. for the record, the lights were out and we were just talking in the dark ;) nah i'm kidding but it's nights like those that i'm gonna remember for the rest of my life! sorry i don't have more to say.... haha if you want to know more specifics ask me but nothings really coming to my mind to tell you! i'm learning a ton... feeling the spirit stronger than i ever testimony is growing immensely.... esta bien :) love you all. thanks for all of your love, prayers, and support. you're the best :)
mucho amo
--Elder Webb

Here's mi testimonio en espanol:

Yo se que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Estoy muy muy agradecido por eso conocimiento. El Libro de Mormon ha bendice me vida tanto, y yo amo El Libro de Mormon
Yo se que las familias puede vive por eternidad con Dios. estoy mur agradecido por mi familia y sus amo para mi.
Del Don de linguas is real. es ha bendice mi en la CCM tanto y yo no aprender mucho espanol sin del don de linguas.
El Senor jesucristo es nuestros salvador, y su Expiacion es muy muy importante por todos la gente de la tierra si quieremos regresar vivir con Dios.
yo se que Dios ha bendice me por servido un mision, y El continualmente bendice me, y estoy muy muy agradecido por Dios in mi vida.
en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.
hello, i want to testify about the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
i know that the book of mormon is true. i am very very grateful for this knowledge. the book of mormon has blessed my life so much, and i love the book of mormon.
i know that families can live forever with God. i am very grateful for my family and their love for me.
the gift of tongues is real. it has blessed me in the MTC so much and i would not learn much spanish without the gift of tongues.
the Lord Jesus Christ is our savior, and his atonement is so very important for all the people of the earth if we want to return to live with God.
i know that God has blessed me for serving a mission, and he continually blesses me, and i am so so grateful for God in my life.
in the name of jesus christ, amen.

On our temple walk the other day, there were a few evangelical protesters. it was kinda weird, but pretty funny to see.

The whole zone!

Me, Dawson, and Elders Jensen and Packer. That's at four in the morning dropping them off at the travel office. Elder Packer is the great grandson of Boyd K.

Elder Jensen!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

PICS (cont.)

The classic tie-tuck

Language training

The Flea Market & PICS!

July 10, 2013

Hey family!
lifes gooood here at the mtc. You probably know that, because thats the only thing i ever tell you when i write but its getting better and better each day. this week has flown by... class time gets really boring but hanging out and doing weird things with my zone after the day's over makes everything alright :) we trade ties almost every night.... ha we take it very seriously. its like a flea market not even kidding! i've already traded for a couple of really good ones. i think because ties are the only sort of style we can have, the only way to express ourselves around here, that everyone all of a sudden has this itching for new ties. so we trade! all the time. i traded one of dad's ties... oh ya sorry dad i stole one of your ties.... but, luckily i was able to trade for it back so now dad you can sleep at night knowing that your tie will return safely in 2 years :) we do a lot of fun and weird stuff as a zone at night, we do this activity we call "bonding". i'm not gonna tell you what it is. but mom dont worry, it's nothing that will get me sent home :) haha. i love my zone i've already made a bunch of great friends. we have a professional volleyball player from austrailia, a highly recruited football player from idaho, and a whole bunch of weird and funny guys. it's a great time. 
its also very spiritual around here, dont get me wrong. next week i'll go into better detail about what i've learned but right now i don't have a ton of time to write this. but my testimony has increased exponentially and i can't wait to continue to learn more. I finally figured out how to attach pictures! i'll send you a few now, and in a couple of other emails today. love you all! continue to WRITE me, i love to read mail at night :) Hasta la huego!!

--Elder Webb

Jared's companion

Jared's district

Jared and Elder Jensen, a good friend from his zone

District again!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013

Hola, Familia!  So . . . I've already been here for a week now.  Not quite sure where the time went, but I'm enjoying it so far.  Tuesday night we had a devotional at the Marriot Center and Brother Richardson of the General Sunday School Presidency came and spoke to us.  It was awesome!  He spoke to us about the importance of  being a "real missionary" and "acting well our part".  I really liked it. 

I'm starting to pick up on Spanish pretty well . . . I can understand quite a bit when someone speaks to me, but I'm not great at speaking it yet.  We've been teaching an "investigator" this week (not a real one . . . one of the teachers plays the part of an investigator).  The first couple of times I didn't stray from my notes really at all, but this last time I really tried to speak from memory.  I learned that I knew a lot more than I thought and that the gift of tongues is real.

I see my friends all the time here . . . I think I told you Dawson is in my zone and Gavin is right next door, but I see Mac, Jake, Austin Bitters, and Talon all the time, too.  It's like I never left.  Haha.  Have I told you about Elder Pond?  He rooms with us, super tall country boy.  Dad and Cam would get a kick out of him. 

Anyways, love you guys!  Thanks for the Dear Elders . . . I enjoy reading mail every night.  Tell people to write to me!--it gives me something to do when I get back at night :)

Love you!

--Elder Webb

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hola, Mi Familia!

La CCM es muy bueno!  As you can tell, my Spanish is already coming along pretty well!  10 1/2 hours a day in class will do that to you.  I'm having a lot of fun here.  My zone is awesome.  I think I already told you about my companion and my district, but my zone is just as awesome.  Dawson is in my zone and Cayson Renshaw is one of my Zone Leaders!  Cayson is the Renshaw's nephew . . . and even though he's not in my zone, Gavin is in the room right next door!  It's like high school around here . . . I see Dawson, Talon Shumway, Gavin, Jake Stout, Braxton Barnes, James Lee, John Lee, Gabe Wood, Bowcut and Mac . . . all friends of high school.  Ha ha!  It's crazy.  But, I'm liking it.  It's hard work, but I'm getting into the flow of everything and I'm excited to keep working.  Love you all.  Miss you a ton! Esta bien! --Elder Webb