Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nada Mucho

hola mi familia! como estan?? Nothin goin on too new here at the mtc. ha i'm loving it, but at the same time i'm ready to get out of here and move on to the field! my spanish is actually pretty good... i understand a lot of it, although i can't speak it that well yet. most of my friends are starting to head out to the field. Talon headed out a week ago, jake and bitters headed out yesterday, and dawson just got his visa so he heads out on monday straight to australia! it's weird, i feel like i just got here!! time flies in the mtc... it really does. 

I'm starting to see the importance of teaching and living in correspondance with the spirit. as missionaries, they tell us basically daily that it's not us that converts people, it's the spirit. i always believed that, but now that i'm out here and i see all the miracles that can be brought forth from faith, my perspective has changed a bit. like i've told you all, we have investigators even here in the mtc. our teachers play the role of an investigator in the field so even though they arent the actual person, they represent the actual and do a really good job of playing the part of an investigator. i can't tell you how many times i've just gone into a lesson and the lesson plan has completely changed and i just relied on the spirit. you can feel it so strongly when you just have faith to open your mouth! it really is pretty cool... sometimes during lessons i catch myself and think, "how on earth are we having this full on 40 minute discussion in nothing but spanish?" there's no way on my own i could ever do that in the small amount of time i've been here. it really is a miracle and the gift of tongues is real if you put in the work on your part for it. 

this week has gone by pretty fast.... i don't know if i'm ready for the field or not! haha but its alright the mtc gets reeeeallly old after about 2 weeks of exactly the same thing every day. me and elder pedersen (dawson) basically just hang out all the time its sooo fun. without him the mtc would be soo boring. don't worry mom, i'm still working really hard :) i think i've gained like 7 pounds since i've been here.... haha the food isnt even good but there is soooo much of it. anyways, lifes good, hope all is well back home, love you all! te quirre mucho!
con amor,
--elder webb

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