Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 24, 2014


What's going on everybody! Hey, tell Greg and Miriam and their family that I say Hi!!

As far as the Thanksgiving package, I haven't received that yet. I don't know if it's waiting for me in the mission offices or not, which could be a possibility. Fingers crossed! haha. And I'll do the best I can to wait until Christmas to open my Christmas package. I mean, It would probably be a notable feat if it gets here to me before Christmas in all honesty. But if it does I'll wait until Christmas to open the gifts :)

Man, this week went by sooo fast! It just keeps going by faster and faster. Things are going well though! Really nothing to complain about. I've got a great companion, we're working hard and seeing some success in our area as well as in our zone... things are going pretty smoothly right now! (knock on wood). This week wasn't too eventful, just about as normal of a week as you can get. Aside from that, we had interviews with President Jordan! Always fun to have interviews! Ha.

 We had a pretty decent day at church yesterday! Sundays are always pretty tiring for us because we have to go to all 3 blocks of both of the wards. But it's great because there's this sister in the second ward, just the sweetest lady of all time, that always brings us little sandwiches before the second ward starts :) gotta love her! Beti came to church as well! She is progressing really nicely and we are looking to baptize her the 13th of December! Carolina and her two little kids came as well! I don't know if I've mentioned her before, but she's an investigator that we're teaching right now. She learns a little slower but she's really excited about the church and she looks like she feels comfortable there.

This week we had a couple of interesting experiences. One was actually pretty funny. We went to contact a reference that we had received the other day, and we got to the house but no one was home. We look across the street and we see a lady with her arm in a sling setting up a bunch of chairs in her front yard thing. So we were like, perfect contact moment! So we went over and offered some help, she denied our help but we started to talk with her a little bit and present ourselves and what not. Something wasn't quite right in this contact, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. We asked if we could pass by some day and she said yes, but in a really weird way and it was then that I realized it. This "woman" wasn't actually a woman... It was a man. Turned woman. My comp and I both realized it at the same time, and after that it was just SUPER awkward. Needless to say that I don't think we'll be going back to visit.

The other experience we had wasn't so much funny as it was just awesome! I told you about the "half-drunk guy's sister" a little bit, well, we went to teach her about a week and a half ago and we left a Book of Mormon with her other son that was there with us. We went back this week, only a couple of days after our original visit. She wasn't available to talk but her son was, and we sat down to talk with him for a minute and we asked him if he had been able to read a little bit of the Book of Mormon. He goes, "Yeah, in fact I read the first 15 chapters. It's pretty cool!"  We were like.......uh......... AWW YEAH!! haha the kid's a stud and he's getting his mom a little bit more excited too!

Well, everybody, I hope you all have a fantastic week and remember that I love you all. This is a picture of me and my comp with our autumny ties. Peace!!

Elder Webb

November 17, 2014

Hey Hey!!

What's up everybody. Man, just gotta say, things are going great here!! H--I'm loving where I'm at and how things are going. My companion, Elder Hernandez and I are getting along really well and are working great together! He's a funny kid, super happy and smiley all the time and literally just loves everyone. He's so smooth! We've got a few investigators that are progressing that I'll tell you about in a sec, but to answer your question mom, The "half-drunk guy's sister" is progressing in every aspect except for going to church. So... basically she's not progressing....  but she's getting there :) It was a great experience working with Abad before his baptism but man, I'll tell you what, he's really hit some tough times! He STILL hasn't been able to be confirmed!! And he's literally disappeared--like we have no idea where he could have gone to! Keep him in your prayers, please.

I think my companion would like ANYTHING that you want to give him, not kidding. He's a super humble guy from Mexico City. So like.... honestly, anything. haha. Just surprise us both ;)

So anyways, this week was pretty sweet. A little frustrating at the beginning of the week because I was a little sick with a bad cold but that only lasted a couple of days. We found a couple of investigators this week that are gonna be baptized in about a month!! Haha they are awesome. Both of them are middle-aged women, one named Rosa Maria and the other named Carolina. They both went to church yesterday and Rosa Maria had a special experience with us after sacrament meeting as we taught her, and she accepted a baptismal date for the  for the 20th of December! We're super excited for her. 20th of Dece

Our other investigator, Beti, (pretty sure I mentioned her last week?) is also progressing! She went to church yesterday and everything. On Saturday we had a lesson with her and we had assigned her to read Alma 32 about the seed of faith, and she told us all about her experience. She said that that has been one of the biggest questions on her mind for the last little while, 'how can I increase my faith?'. She said that when she was reading she felt "illuminated", and she felt this deep, strong feeling in her chest that she had never felt before. So we were like, um.... ya that's definitely the Holy Ghost!  And so she's starting very nicely along the path to conversion. This week we're looking forward to a lot of work. The wards here have never been so excited! :) Things are going great. I'm so happy to be a part of this great work! I love you guys with all my heart. Thanks for everything :)

Elder Webb

(Elder McNamara and I at the temple)
(Baptism of Abad)

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hey Hey everyone!!

Man... I gotta say, that's terrible to hear about Hunter Dahl. I hope and pray that their family is alright and that they can get through this tough trial.

Things are going well here. The heat/humidity is starting to calm down now, and it's starting to cool off. I'm probably gonna die when I get home because the coldest it will get here this month is like, 60 degrees fahrenheit. And I've already got a cold. haha. But my leg is all better! I've been back to normal for the last week and a half about. Elder McNamara finished his mission today! He ought to be on the plane headed back home already. He'll be going to UVU so maybe if Cam heads over there he'll run into him. Which, by the way, would be way cool if Cam could go to UVU! 

So yes, I got a new companion today. His name is Elder Hernandez. Not the same Hernandez I had as a companion like 4 months ago, but a different one. It's just a super common name in Mexico. haha. But he really is awesome. I love him to death! We were in the same zone some time ago so I got to know him a little bit over there. He's a super humble kid and super ready to get to work! I think he's a little nervous to be zone leader but I'll see if I can help calm himself down :)

This last week seemed to drag on a little bit. With Elder McNamara going home, things just kinda seemed to go slow. It was weird being in a threesome companionship, and I think we probably took it a little too easy this last week and a half that I was back. I think it was a little hard for Elder Mcnamara to focus ;) I don't think I can blame him though. But I'll tell you what, we had some pretty cool experiences this last week. Abad got baptized! It was a really cool experience. He passed through a TON of trials this week, but instead of deterring him from his goal, he took it as a greater testimony of the truthfulness of what he was doing. The computer I'm on today doesn't have a usb port again! So hopefully next week I can get that figured out and send some pics. 

The other night, we were planning on doing a family home evening with a family in one of the wards that we're working in. We show up, and it turns out that they had totally forgotten that we were gonna go over. So, we headed out thinking, "Great, what are we gonna do now?" But we remembered about a half-drunk guy that we had contacted the week before that lived right around the corner, so we decided to go see if he was home! We went, and this lady came out and we told her who we were looking for and she said, "That's my son! Surely Christ sent you!" haha... so we got excited and went inside! We get in their, and she introduces her son to us, but he didn't even say anything to us before running out of the house! He totally didn't want to talk to us hahah it was kinda funny. But the weirdest part is that it was not the same guy that we had contacted before. So we were confused, why were we there? Until the guy's sister came in and sat down and started talking to us with her son. She was confused about religions and really wanted to know the truth. She was so sincere, and even accepted a baptismal date. It was awesome!! My testimony grows each day that God is preparing his children to receive the gospel!!

Well, I love you all. very much. have an awesome week. :)

Elder Webb

November 3, 2014

Hey hey everyone!!

Pictures coming next week. I promise. Mom: while I'm thinking about it, I'm gonna answer your questions :) Things that I would like for Christmas.... hmm.... thats a tough one. In all honesty, I don't need much. More than anything, what I think I would like the most are letters from anyone who wants to write me! But you know, the normal beef jerkey and mom's toffee and some peanut m&ms are great too :) anything Santa wants to send me this year. I've behaved pretty good and stuff.

I don't get many opportunities to play the piano anymore, but every once and a while I'll sit down and tickle the ivory a little bit. I really enjoyed the music you sent me, though! Thanks a ton for all that! Also, THANK YOU for sending me hunting pictures I loved it :)) That was a huge buck that Gary killed! Did he get it in Idaho or Utah? It makes me excited for next fall--not gonna lie :)) 

SO! I'm finally back in my area. I've been back since Friday. Right now, President Jordan put another elder with us for the rest of this transfer cycle, his name is Elder Mercedes from the Dominican Republic. I think President just knows that I get along well with Dominicans so he puts them all with me or in my districts ;) haha but Elder Mercedes is a super funny guy. We have a good time together, although it is a little weird working in a trio like we are, I had never really done it before. But I'll tell you what, There will be a ton of changes around here by this time next week! Elder Mcnamara is going home, Elder Mercedes will probably be assigned to another area, all of our district leaders are also finishing their missions... It's gonna be nuts! But I'm excited for it. I've absolutely loved being back in my area. It's been stressfull, but awesome. After two and a half weeks of not worrying tons about my area and the missionaries and blah blah blah... I've been thrown into the deep end again! But I love it. 

Yesterday especially was just a very spiritual day. Elder Lopez of the area seventy came to our stake conference and he spoke purely about the atonement. I absolutely loved it! He talked all about changing our nature and the importance of coming to an understanding of the atonement and what Christ has done for all of us. He is the reason for everything. I'm starting to understand that much more profoundly lately. But afterwards we just had a lot of spiritual experiences! I think we were just filled with the Holy Ghost. That's the only explanation I can come up with. For example, just a quick experience, we were almost ready to head back home, there were like 20 minutes until we had to be home, but we decided to go and quickly visit a family who had been sealed and everything but havn't been going to church for a while for whatever reason. We stopped by, and we literally shared just small thought and a scripture to them and I was thinking, Man I feel like we just came to teach a lesson and not actually focus on the people. But right as we finished, the Sister started to cry! She started to just thank us for coming to visit her and how this little tiny visit was exactly what she had been praying for and exactly what they needed to boost them back up! Talk about a testimony building experience!

I love this work. I love my savior. I love my family.

Elder Webb