Monday, November 10, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hey hey everyone!!

Pictures coming next week. I promise. Mom: while I'm thinking about it, I'm gonna answer your questions :) Things that I would like for Christmas.... hmm.... thats a tough one. In all honesty, I don't need much. More than anything, what I think I would like the most are letters from anyone who wants to write me! But you know, the normal beef jerkey and mom's toffee and some peanut m&ms are great too :) anything Santa wants to send me this year. I've behaved pretty good and stuff.

I don't get many opportunities to play the piano anymore, but every once and a while I'll sit down and tickle the ivory a little bit. I really enjoyed the music you sent me, though! Thanks a ton for all that! Also, THANK YOU for sending me hunting pictures I loved it :)) That was a huge buck that Gary killed! Did he get it in Idaho or Utah? It makes me excited for next fall--not gonna lie :)) 

SO! I'm finally back in my area. I've been back since Friday. Right now, President Jordan put another elder with us for the rest of this transfer cycle, his name is Elder Mercedes from the Dominican Republic. I think President just knows that I get along well with Dominicans so he puts them all with me or in my districts ;) haha but Elder Mercedes is a super funny guy. We have a good time together, although it is a little weird working in a trio like we are, I had never really done it before. But I'll tell you what, There will be a ton of changes around here by this time next week! Elder Mcnamara is going home, Elder Mercedes will probably be assigned to another area, all of our district leaders are also finishing their missions... It's gonna be nuts! But I'm excited for it. I've absolutely loved being back in my area. It's been stressfull, but awesome. After two and a half weeks of not worrying tons about my area and the missionaries and blah blah blah... I've been thrown into the deep end again! But I love it. 

Yesterday especially was just a very spiritual day. Elder Lopez of the area seventy came to our stake conference and he spoke purely about the atonement. I absolutely loved it! He talked all about changing our nature and the importance of coming to an understanding of the atonement and what Christ has done for all of us. He is the reason for everything. I'm starting to understand that much more profoundly lately. But afterwards we just had a lot of spiritual experiences! I think we were just filled with the Holy Ghost. That's the only explanation I can come up with. For example, just a quick experience, we were almost ready to head back home, there were like 20 minutes until we had to be home, but we decided to go and quickly visit a family who had been sealed and everything but havn't been going to church for a while for whatever reason. We stopped by, and we literally shared just small thought and a scripture to them and I was thinking, Man I feel like we just came to teach a lesson and not actually focus on the people. But right as we finished, the Sister started to cry! She started to just thank us for coming to visit her and how this little tiny visit was exactly what she had been praying for and exactly what they needed to boost them back up! Talk about a testimony building experience!

I love this work. I love my savior. I love my family.

Elder Webb

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