Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hey Hey everyone!!

Man... I gotta say, that's terrible to hear about Hunter Dahl. I hope and pray that their family is alright and that they can get through this tough trial.

Things are going well here. The heat/humidity is starting to calm down now, and it's starting to cool off. I'm probably gonna die when I get home because the coldest it will get here this month is like, 60 degrees fahrenheit. And I've already got a cold. haha. But my leg is all better! I've been back to normal for the last week and a half about. Elder McNamara finished his mission today! He ought to be on the plane headed back home already. He'll be going to UVU so maybe if Cam heads over there he'll run into him. Which, by the way, would be way cool if Cam could go to UVU! 

So yes, I got a new companion today. His name is Elder Hernandez. Not the same Hernandez I had as a companion like 4 months ago, but a different one. It's just a super common name in Mexico. haha. But he really is awesome. I love him to death! We were in the same zone some time ago so I got to know him a little bit over there. He's a super humble kid and super ready to get to work! I think he's a little nervous to be zone leader but I'll see if I can help calm himself down :)

This last week seemed to drag on a little bit. With Elder McNamara going home, things just kinda seemed to go slow. It was weird being in a threesome companionship, and I think we probably took it a little too easy this last week and a half that I was back. I think it was a little hard for Elder Mcnamara to focus ;) I don't think I can blame him though. But I'll tell you what, we had some pretty cool experiences this last week. Abad got baptized! It was a really cool experience. He passed through a TON of trials this week, but instead of deterring him from his goal, he took it as a greater testimony of the truthfulness of what he was doing. The computer I'm on today doesn't have a usb port again! So hopefully next week I can get that figured out and send some pics. 

The other night, we were planning on doing a family home evening with a family in one of the wards that we're working in. We show up, and it turns out that they had totally forgotten that we were gonna go over. So, we headed out thinking, "Great, what are we gonna do now?" But we remembered about a half-drunk guy that we had contacted the week before that lived right around the corner, so we decided to go see if he was home! We went, and this lady came out and we told her who we were looking for and she said, "That's my son! Surely Christ sent you!" haha... so we got excited and went inside! We get in their, and she introduces her son to us, but he didn't even say anything to us before running out of the house! He totally didn't want to talk to us hahah it was kinda funny. But the weirdest part is that it was not the same guy that we had contacted before. So we were confused, why were we there? Until the guy's sister came in and sat down and started talking to us with her son. She was confused about religions and really wanted to know the truth. She was so sincere, and even accepted a baptismal date. It was awesome!! My testimony grows each day that God is preparing his children to receive the gospel!!

Well, I love you all. very much. have an awesome week. :)

Elder Webb

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