Saturday, August 31, 2013

Doing well--even in the rain~

Buenas dias, familia!! Glad to hear everything is well at home. Mom, thanks for the spiritual thoughts and such every week. I love to hear them :) Dad, I´m doin just fine! haha the conditions here really aren't too bad. At least where we live, we have it pretty good compared to most people. But other than that I´m doin good! I´m feelin healthy, havn't been sick yet, and all in all just doin great. If I need it, I have access to all the little things I need. I´m in a decent sized city with stores and stuff. My mission president is the bomb... he´s such and awesome guy. He´s been out here for a year so he will leave to go home the same time I do! All is wellllllll. Also, no one told me what Cam shot in the tournament this week. What is this??? Tell Lindsey I´m proud of her for getting a job finally ;)

Mom wants me to tell y'all about people that we teach. So here it goes: we teach a ton of less active people. We only have like 3 investigators, and only 1 of them is really progressing. We have to teach about faith ALL the time, too.... because people don´t understand that in order to have faith, we need to have both parts: a belief, and an action. This week we had kinda a cool experience! So it´s been raining here... today it's been terrible and when it rains, the streets are like rivers, not kidding. Ha. And the dirt roads that we walk on a lot--forget about it. But anyways we had to hurry home the other night so we took a shortcut on a dirt road. No one knows how, but we found this little tiny beat up cell phone in the mud, in the pitch black of night. Anyways we ended up contacting the guy that owned it and we planned to meet him the next morning. So we did, his name is Samuel. Super cool guy, but he´s kinda strugglin right now in his life. And he was super encouraged when we told him who we were, and what we had to offer. So we have an appointment with him this Saturday! Hope it goes well. But I am starting to see that God has prepared people to receive His gospel, and often He will provide us the means to share and help them. Thanks for all the support!  I love you all so much and am so glad to hear all is well at home. Mucho Amor :)

Elder Webb

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week Two in the Bag!

Que pasa mi familia!! Man.... life´s pretty good here in Mexico!
Dad wanted me to tell you all specifics so here it goes: my companion's name is Elder Gonzalez, a 23 year old guy from Uruguay. He´s a freakin stud! We walk EVERYwhere, I´ve got some pretty nasty blisters. Haha and I sweat like crazy. The branch we are in is tiny! Like 40 people show up to church every week. The people here are hard to work with man... super nice, super friendly, but just sooooo lazy!! They don't wanna do anything! We´ll be like, "so you believe in God right?" They´ll say... "Of course" and we´ll say "So then you want to keep his commandments right?" And they´ll say "No! what for?" Haha it's so hard!!! But I know I´m here for a reason and we do have a few progressing less actives and investigators that I really feel good about. My spanish is getting better! It´s coming really fast... even tho most of the time I feel completely lost still... but having a native comp really helps a ton!
Not too much interesting has happened this week... we´ve had a rough time teaching this week. but I´m loving the mission life! And I loooove to hear how everything is going at home! Cam, you have no idea how proud I am of you. A little advice for golf, but it can also be applied for everything else in life: 1. As good as you´re doing, you can ALWAYS do better.  2. Never be satisfied, and never compare yourself to others. ALWAYS work hard to be the best you can be and NEVER be satisfied with how well your doing now. 3. ALWAYS be humble. Remember who gave you you´re talent, and He deserves all the glory. Thank him every day for everything you have, especially your talents.       4. And remember that talents are meant to help build his kingdom here on earth. Remember Him in all you do.
Love you all!! glad to hear everything is going well. I´m doing great and hopefully I´ll have more stories next week :) Dad, keep me updated on the ranch too :) Hasta la huego!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Week in the Books!

ahhh man. mexico is the bomb!! my spanish is.... terrible. but my comp is awesome he kinda takes the reins during lessons and stuff. it's super hot.... super humid.... i drink a ton of soda and no one here drinks from the tap. there is no hot water, at least where we live so i have to take a cold shower and the only setting is jet stream. haha but i love it! ive seen some crazy weird things, eaten some weird things (and good things dont get me wrong) and met some weird people. but its alllllll good. as far as our investigators and stuff, we dont have much success. if you guys didnt already know, missionary work is different now. its all about working with members and reactivating less actives and receiving referrals for new investigators through members or less actives. no street contacts, no door knocking, we try to be more efficient i guess. but the work is kinda hard but.... it's alright we're still workin at it! some weird stuff i've seen, eaten, or done so far:
lady cutting her lawn with a machete
man who owns a taco shop hangs the carcasses of animals that he uses for the meat for the tacos right outside his shop, where he'll go, take a piece off, and cook it for the customer.
this morning, we went and got our haircut and a ladies house and she made us breakfast. she made us pork hooves with tortillas. a bowl of stew like sauce or whatever, with a big pork hoof in the middle with torillas on the side. 
i'm trying to remember what else.... but i cant.... all in all its just way different here! 
but life is good. i'm doin fine! i'm loving it. love all of you!! 
buenas tardes

elder webb

Monday, August 5, 2013

Estoy Aquí!

hola everyone!! i don't have much time to write a long message but just wanted to let you all know that i got here safely! it is so freakin hot.... and the most humid place you can imagine. it's crazy we just met up with the misión pres and the rest of the elders in this city and we're about to have dinner! all is well.... i can already tell i'm gonna love it here. pictures soon!

love you all! hope all is well at home!

--Elder Webb

Consulate and the Priesthood

Aug. 1, 2013

Mi Familia!--

So, like I've said in my many emails, I'm leaving on Monday . . . bluh, bluh, bluh . . . I'm gonna call you guys around 9.  You know what's goin' on.  But, so today we went up to Salt Lake to get our Visas.  It was pretty sweet.  We got tot take Front Runner from Provo to Murray and then Trax over into South Salt Lake. 

So, we went to the Mexican Consolate right next to the Bees Stadium to pick up our Visas.  Anyways, that all went fine, I guess we haven't got Visas yet. technically, but they expect them to come tomorrow or something.  But, so I wanted to tell you about an experience we had while we were on our way back to the train!  Keep in mind we are in a sketchy part of Salt Lake---ghetto, just your stereotypical inner-city.  (I didn't know that side of Utah existed!)  Anyways, so we are walking back and we see this guy park his bike a little ways in front of us.  He takes off his shirt and yells to us, "Missionaries!  Missionaries!  I need you to give me a blessing!"  Ha.  There are like ten of us walking down the street, and we were all like:  uhh . . . . . and it was funny cuz he was right in front of me so I had to answer to him.  He begins to tell us how he's possessed with demons and how he's battling drug addictions.  But he looked just awful.  And so he kneels down in the midst of us and is just like, "Please bless me!"  He gets down right in front of me . . . and I'm feeling weird about this the whole time.  (Also, keep in mind that we are right by Main Street--tons of traffic and tons of foot traffic).  So, we're like, "Uh, right here?  Right now?  It's pretty public right here."  And he just says, "Ya! The more public the better!" So, we explained to him how it was sacred and it needs to be done more privately, and he was totally understanding.  So, we walk over to these trees around by the gas station, all the while talking with the other elders and they they all felt the same way:  that we probably shouldn't give him a blessing there.  But, we decided that we should just leave him with a prayer.  So, we did, and we prayed for him that according to his faith he would receive strength and comfort and a knowledge that he is a a child of God.  And I felt the Spirit way strongly. 

Afterwards, he just says, "Thank you guys so much.  I know you guys do great things and have the priesthood power of God! I know I'm a child of God, but I'm just so lost right now! But, thank you so much--I feel strength to change."  And he left.  Oh, my, it was such a cool experience!  Missionary work is gettin' real!!  I'm so excited to get out there . . . just wanted to share that with you all!! Love you guys so much.  Thanks for all the love and support.  --Elder Webb