Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week Two in the Bag!

Que pasa mi familia!! Man.... life´s pretty good here in Mexico!
Dad wanted me to tell you all specifics so here it goes: my companion's name is Elder Gonzalez, a 23 year old guy from Uruguay. He´s a freakin stud! We walk EVERYwhere, I´ve got some pretty nasty blisters. Haha and I sweat like crazy. The branch we are in is tiny! Like 40 people show up to church every week. The people here are hard to work with man... super nice, super friendly, but just sooooo lazy!! They don't wanna do anything! We´ll be like, "so you believe in God right?" They´ll say... "Of course" and we´ll say "So then you want to keep his commandments right?" And they´ll say "No! what for?" Haha it's so hard!!! But I know I´m here for a reason and we do have a few progressing less actives and investigators that I really feel good about. My spanish is getting better! It´s coming really fast... even tho most of the time I feel completely lost still... but having a native comp really helps a ton!
Not too much interesting has happened this week... we´ve had a rough time teaching this week. but I´m loving the mission life! And I loooove to hear how everything is going at home! Cam, you have no idea how proud I am of you. A little advice for golf, but it can also be applied for everything else in life: 1. As good as you´re doing, you can ALWAYS do better.  2. Never be satisfied, and never compare yourself to others. ALWAYS work hard to be the best you can be and NEVER be satisfied with how well your doing now. 3. ALWAYS be humble. Remember who gave you you´re talent, and He deserves all the glory. Thank him every day for everything you have, especially your talents.       4. And remember that talents are meant to help build his kingdom here on earth. Remember Him in all you do.
Love you all!! glad to hear everything is going well. I´m doing great and hopefully I´ll have more stories next week :) Dad, keep me updated on the ranch too :) Hasta la huego!!

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  1. Love the advise he gave. We all can take those and apply it to our own lives. Aunt Leslie Webb