Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

What up FAM!!!
First off..... I'm glad to hear everyone's doing well. As usual. Have I ever gone an email without saying that? Probably not.... but seriously..... I'm glad. Haha. And Mom, ya the time is going by really fast. Thanks for reminding me how much time I've been out ;) Nah but it's goin by pretty fast, and I'm loving every bit of it.
This week was alright.... nothing too special for us. We're finally starting to find new people to teach!! WOOO!! haha we found like 5 new investigators this week (which is a lot for us... not kidding) and none of them are like woww golden but they're pretty good and we'll keep working with them. But we've been teaching this lady and her friend these last few weeks, and they're finally starting to progress! Their names are Sabina and Faustina. They're like 45 years old and are Catholic. They're finally starting to understand the stuff that we're teaching them and making some progress as well :) even though they havn't come to church yet... but they're getting there. Irma is doin good as well... she went to church yesterday and continues to progress towards her baptism :)) Things are lookin up for us a little bit here... Finally :)
I honestly don't have much to say this week... My companion and I get along pretty good. I'll be with him for another 6 weeks.  Love you all, sorry for the crappy letter this week.... next week I'll have more to say I promise :) Have a grrrrreat week :)
Elder Webb

January 20, 2014

So nice to hear that everyone is doin well. It makes me so happy to see that you guys are all receiving blessings from my service... I don't mean to say that in a boasting way, but I think we can all see, and our testimonies have all grown, that this really is the Lord's work and that this is what every worthy and of-age young man should be doing. I love my mission... It's super hard at times, and even though I don't have tons of time in the mission, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.
This week was a good week! Pretty normal.... the area is getting better. We're starting to see improvements. Little by little, but we're getting there. I mentioned a little about our "golden investigator" Irma last week, right? This week we've really seen with her the truth of the scripture in Ether 12:6 that "you receive no testimony until after the trial of your faith." And gooooood night is her faith being tried! Haha. First off, early in the week we had an appointment with her. We went, but she couldn't receive us because her father-in-law, who she lives with, is Catholic and won't let her talk to us in his house. So we have to find a new place to teach her. The next day, we went by to visit her on our way to a different appointment, and she was in tears. She told us that her daughter had packed her bags and ran away and that she had no idea where she went. And THEN, the NEXT day... we passed by to visit her again on our way to another appointment. And we found out that her 8 year old son had been hit by a car that evening. Luckily, her son ended up not having any major injuries, but,man, talk about a trial of faith!! My testimony has grown immensely as she continues to tell us how she knows that whatever happens, if she keeps her trust in God, everything will be alright. Such a simple testimony, but with such profound significance to her, and to anyone who truly believes that. She's such a great example to me and I'm so glad that the Lord put her in our path and has given us the oppurtunity to teach her.
The truck looks way sweet Dad!! What did you do with the old one? And is there really that much snow at our house right now?? You have no idea how much I miss the snow. What's the news with Lindsey and her boyfriend/grad school? How's lone peak basketball doin? Who's going to the Super Bowl? Whats goin on with BYU basketball? Oh and p.s. the mission that Alena Neves is going to is the same mission as Riley. Ayways, I await those answers patiently... This is stuff I NEED to know.
 But anyways... I hope you all have a great week! Love you all soooooo so much!! :)
Elder Webb

January 13, 2014

Hi, everyone :)
Dad: you need to send me a pic of your new truck!! I gotta see it. My whole life you were runnin around with the old white ford and now that I'm on my mission you decided to change it.... at least send me a pic of what the new Webb truck legacy looks like.
Alright now that I've got the important stuff out of the way..... how's everyone doin?? Sounds like everything is goin well. Things are goin well out here, as well! This week was a little less stressful with a little more success :) not tons... but we're gettin there. We're starting to find new people to teach, new investigators more than anything. Some of them are good, some of them are ok, and others are GOLDEN. My testimony has really grown this week that the Lord really is preparing people to receive the gospel. I've always heard that, but up until this week it's never really hit me on a personal level.
One of our investigators, Irma, not sure if I've mentioned her or not, is so solid. We found her through a reference from a member and from the get go she's been on board. She's such a sweet mother of 2 who has really been searching for something better in her life but hasn't been able to find it. And to see her eyes light up when we bear our testimonies of this gospel, is something that you just can't beat. Our experience with her hasn't been any sort of jaw dropping angel manifestations... but everytime we've been with her, it's such a great experience because we have been filled with the sweet spirit of the Lord and I know that she is ready to receive this gospel and it brings me such joy to see the gospel affecting her life in the way its intended to.
Irma is basically our little beacon of light in this area haha because aside from her, we don't have anybody progressing like she is. But I know they're out there.... just gotta go look for em. And I know that they're out there back home in Utah as well. Just gotta go lookin for them. Our president told us some interestingly cliche the other day, but it made me think. He said, "You're never gonna find anybody if your not searching for them." I testify that that's true... as we've strived to look for more people, we've been able to find more people. I know the Lord is preparing people in every part of the world. All there is to do is look for them. That simple.
Love you all to death, thanks for all the great love and support. Enjoy your new truck, Dad.
Elder Webb

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year, Everybody!!
That's soooo weird that Statler's home already. Haha it seems like just a little while ago he and I would wake up at 3 in the morning to go up to Layton and go duck hunting. haha. When you see him, tell him that I say hi and that I want him to write me when he gets a chance. As far as goals, Mom, I haven't actually thought of any yet. Haha I hardly have time to think around here, but I'll try to think of some this week so you can put them in that box on the little table that never gets opened :) haha.
Glad to hear everything's going well at home. Dad, I wish you the best of luck in your search for a new truck. My personal opinion: Dodge Ram. I think that's the tough guy truck that you need. By the way, what cars do Lindsey and Cam drive? Do they drive?? Just curious. Gotta be honest, these last few weeks have been pretty tough for me. Just because the work here has been tough. Very little success. At times I feel overwhelmed with my leadership position as well as having to train my companion... on top of that, being in a super tough area where the members don't want to help us out and the work isn't really progressing. It's tough, but who ever said it was gonna be easy? haha. I don't get too down on myself because I know that I'm doing my best and working hard. But it's tough sometimes! I'm also really thankful for good leaders, especially Dad, who prepared me well to know that it wasn't gonna be easy coming out into the mission field. From the get go I knew it would be tough, but there are a lot of elders who weren't expecting it to be so tough so they have an even harder time haha. But we're hanging in there.... don't worry about me. I know that if I'm down and struggling, all I need to do is turn to the Lord, and he will help me. It's that simple.
Love you guys soooo much and miss you every day!! Thanks soo much for the love and support. You're the best family in the world. Have a grrrreat week :)))
Elder Webb