Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hi, everyone :)
Dad: you need to send me a pic of your new truck!! I gotta see it. My whole life you were runnin around with the old white ford and now that I'm on my mission you decided to change it.... at least send me a pic of what the new Webb truck legacy looks like.
Alright now that I've got the important stuff out of the way..... how's everyone doin?? Sounds like everything is goin well. Things are goin well out here, as well! This week was a little less stressful with a little more success :) not tons... but we're gettin there. We're starting to find new people to teach, new investigators more than anything. Some of them are good, some of them are ok, and others are GOLDEN. My testimony has really grown this week that the Lord really is preparing people to receive the gospel. I've always heard that, but up until this week it's never really hit me on a personal level.
One of our investigators, Irma, not sure if I've mentioned her or not, is so solid. We found her through a reference from a member and from the get go she's been on board. She's such a sweet mother of 2 who has really been searching for something better in her life but hasn't been able to find it. And to see her eyes light up when we bear our testimonies of this gospel, is something that you just can't beat. Our experience with her hasn't been any sort of jaw dropping angel manifestations... but everytime we've been with her, it's such a great experience because we have been filled with the sweet spirit of the Lord and I know that she is ready to receive this gospel and it brings me such joy to see the gospel affecting her life in the way its intended to.
Irma is basically our little beacon of light in this area haha because aside from her, we don't have anybody progressing like she is. But I know they're out there.... just gotta go look for em. And I know that they're out there back home in Utah as well. Just gotta go lookin for them. Our president told us some interestingly cliche the other day, but it made me think. He said, "You're never gonna find anybody if your not searching for them." I testify that that's true... as we've strived to look for more people, we've been able to find more people. I know the Lord is preparing people in every part of the world. All there is to do is look for them. That simple.
Love you all to death, thanks for all the great love and support. Enjoy your new truck, Dad.
Elder Webb

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