Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept. 22, 2013

Hey fammmmmm!
answers to mom´s questions:
(How did you clean you apartment of all that water?)
1. Not sure, it took forever. we had a bunch of help from members though.
(How are your shoes holding up?)
2. Shoes are a okkk
(Tell us about the people you are teaching!)
3. We teach a lot of less actives... nothin too special. Just trying to reactivate them. But they´re stubborn for the most part and don´t follow through with commitments. But we´re starting to have more success!! We had more people at church this week than we´ve had since I've been here. 56 :) but this week we had a lot of success with investigators too. We had one guy, Antolin, who´s way solid and already had a date for baptism, but this week we were able to add 3 other baptismal dates! No one knows how... my whole time here we havn't been able to put 1!!
(Why are you "famous" there, as you said?)
4. I don´t know if we´re actually famous or what but one missionary told us that President talks about us all the time and how we´re resurecting this part of the mission. Ha I don't know... but it´s true a little bit, things have really changed for the better here! It was kinda dead before...
(Have you had to help a lot of people clean up after the hurricane?)
5. Ya
Ha well there ya go. Anything else?? Nah but life is good here. Starting to have more success, and working hard every day!!  Wat else is new back home? Sports?? Somebody update me about the Redskins, Lone Peak, and anything else!!
CAMERON´S OLD ENOUGH TO DATE!!!!!!!!!! haha ahh man I remember my first high school dance. Enjoy it bro. It´s fun stuff. Also keep it up in golf! It only matters how you finish. Remember that!! Send me pics please of stuff... like Cameron´s dance, and whatever else you want.
Spiritual thought for the week: did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?? ........... serious questions of the soul.
Nah but seriously my spiritual thought for the week is Jacob 1:19. I think.... can't remember very well but it´s about magnifying the Priesthood. Read it . . .love you all :):)
Elder Webb


Sept. 16, 2013

Hola Familia! yes, all is well here in mexico, don´t worry too much Mom :) But ya it´s been CRAZY with this hurricane! Especially yesterday. Yesterday our house flooded about 7 inches, and our whole neighborhood was about 3 feet under water. Cars were halfway submerged.... it was crazy stuff. But everything´s alright! We didnt damage any of our stuff when the house flooded and we´ve got it all cleaned up and undercontrol for now! And sorry this letter is coming on Wednesday... mission pres changed everything because of the hurricane and because we were supposed to have changes on Monday. So we had changes today, and I´m staying with my comp for another six weeks! But everything´s a ok here in Mexico.
 Yes, I´m keeping up with all my friends. They´re doin great! Awesome news about Cam and getting ordained a priest! And Cam, keep thinkin about why you´re in this church. It´s a good thing to question things! Question everything, and then search the scriptures and stuff of the church and you´ll be amazed how you can find the answer to everything. Keep it up in golf, don´t get sidetracked with attention or whatever, and don´t get over pysched for state. Stay focused, and you´ll be alright.
Love you all so much, thanks for all the prayers and support. It means sooooo much to me! Email me stuff you want to know about my area, work, whatever. Haha I have to write fast so I don´t have much time to think of things goin on. But we´re starting to have success! And apparently we´re ¨famous¨ in the mission because we´re resurrecting this area! This area is known to be like the worst Haha. But things are great! Love you all!
Elder Webb

Friday, September 13, 2013

Knee-deep in water

Hola a Todos!!
 Thanks for all the updates! I love it so much to hear from all of you. But glad to hear everything is good at home! All is well here in Mexico!
This week was pretty crazy... we had to take 3 trips to Tampico, like an hour and a half bus ride, to do random stuff but it really threw off our teaching rythym. So we didn´t get a whole lot done this week! On top of that, It´s been raining here. Haha and I have to laugh when I hear about the rains back home because here, the whole city is under water. Ha k not really but almost!! On Friday, the whole day we were wading in 6 inches of water through the streets. and sometimes, it was up to your knees. Crazy! I´m gonna send you guys a picture.
All in all, we´re still strugglin here with the work. The area we´re in is supposedly the hardest in the mission.... I don´t know. I don´t want to make excuses, but it´s freakin hard to get people to do anything! Haha. But it´s all good--we´re gonna continue to work hard and not give up on the people here. Because God wants every single one of his children to return to Him, not just a few.
My message for this week for ya´ll is one of misisonary work. Right now, the way we do missionary work is different. It´s all about the members helping us find new people. Also, it´s focused on less actives and reactivating them. So I invite all of you to be a missionary in any way that you can! Because in reality, the missionaries can´t do it alone. And there is SO much that the members can do that missionaries just can´t! We can´t really be the friend that they need. We can be there to help and stuff and ya we can be friends, but we have to help everyone and teach, too! So do it! Be a misisonary. And remember D&C 18: ¨How great will be your joy if you bring but one soul unto me.¨
Love you all! Thanks for all the support!!
Les quiero mucho!!
Elder Webb

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sept. 2, 2013

buenas dias familia!

first off let me start off by saying this mom.... the reason that i don´t go through and capitalize and punctuate everything correctly is because it would take way too much time! and i don´t have a ton of time... But everything sounds great at home!! Other than the death of Alta... She really was a great lady and I´m sure she´s in a better place! Everything´s good out here in Mexico! Yesterday we had more people show up to church than we´ve had in months apparently! 50 people!!! haha needless to say it was a great day for us :) Last week, we had a random lady show up to church telling us she wanted to be baptised! what a blessing.... because we can´t find anyone here that wants to do anything!! It´ll be a while before we can baptize her... but we taught her yesterday and hopefully she keeps progressing!! i got up and bore my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday! broken spanish and everything. i really felt like i had to... and after i was done, i felt the spirit very strongly testify to me that I did what i needed to do! it was a pretty cool experience. i don´t know who needed to hear my testimony... but i believe someone did.

We´ve been working hard this last week and fasting and such to find new people to teach. And i truly believe the Lord is blessing us in this. and i want to let you all know that the power of fasting is real. and if we want blessings from the Lord, we can´t sit around and wait for them. That´s not how he works. ¨God cannot steer a parked car¨. Love you all and hope you have a great week!! thanks for all the support!! and i still havnt heard how cam has done in his tournaments! i´m dying here!!
Elder Webb and Elder Gonzalez