Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sept. 2, 2013

buenas dias familia!

first off let me start off by saying this mom.... the reason that i don´t go through and capitalize and punctuate everything correctly is because it would take way too much time! and i don´t have a ton of time... But everything sounds great at home!! Other than the death of Alta... She really was a great lady and I´m sure she´s in a better place! Everything´s good out here in Mexico! Yesterday we had more people show up to church than we´ve had in months apparently! 50 people!!! haha needless to say it was a great day for us :) Last week, we had a random lady show up to church telling us she wanted to be baptised! what a blessing.... because we can´t find anyone here that wants to do anything!! It´ll be a while before we can baptize her... but we taught her yesterday and hopefully she keeps progressing!! i got up and bore my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday! broken spanish and everything. i really felt like i had to... and after i was done, i felt the spirit very strongly testify to me that I did what i needed to do! it was a pretty cool experience. i don´t know who needed to hear my testimony... but i believe someone did.

We´ve been working hard this last week and fasting and such to find new people to teach. And i truly believe the Lord is blessing us in this. and i want to let you all know that the power of fasting is real. and if we want blessings from the Lord, we can´t sit around and wait for them. That´s not how he works. ¨God cannot steer a parked car¨. Love you all and hope you have a great week!! thanks for all the support!! and i still havnt heard how cam has done in his tournaments! i´m dying here!!
Elder Webb and Elder Gonzalez

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