Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept. 22, 2013

Hey fammmmmm!
answers to mom´s questions:
(How did you clean you apartment of all that water?)
1. Not sure, it took forever. we had a bunch of help from members though.
(How are your shoes holding up?)
2. Shoes are a okkk
(Tell us about the people you are teaching!)
3. We teach a lot of less actives... nothin too special. Just trying to reactivate them. But they´re stubborn for the most part and don´t follow through with commitments. But we´re starting to have more success!! We had more people at church this week than we´ve had since I've been here. 56 :) but this week we had a lot of success with investigators too. We had one guy, Antolin, who´s way solid and already had a date for baptism, but this week we were able to add 3 other baptismal dates! No one knows how... my whole time here we havn't been able to put 1!!
(Why are you "famous" there, as you said?)
4. I don´t know if we´re actually famous or what but one missionary told us that President talks about us all the time and how we´re resurecting this part of the mission. Ha I don't know... but it´s true a little bit, things have really changed for the better here! It was kinda dead before...
(Have you had to help a lot of people clean up after the hurricane?)
5. Ya
Ha well there ya go. Anything else?? Nah but life is good here. Starting to have more success, and working hard every day!!  Wat else is new back home? Sports?? Somebody update me about the Redskins, Lone Peak, and anything else!!
CAMERON´S OLD ENOUGH TO DATE!!!!!!!!!! haha ahh man I remember my first high school dance. Enjoy it bro. It´s fun stuff. Also keep it up in golf! It only matters how you finish. Remember that!! Send me pics please of stuff... like Cameron´s dance, and whatever else you want.
Spiritual thought for the week: did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?? ........... serious questions of the soul.
Nah but seriously my spiritual thought for the week is Jacob 1:19. I think.... can't remember very well but it´s about magnifying the Priesthood. Read it . . .love you all :):)
Elder Webb


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