Friday, October 4, 2013

September 30, 2013

hola familia como estan??
nice to hear that everything is going good back home once again!! I´m glad to hear that dad is staying busy with work and having a good time guiding hunts. Man i wish i was back home so we could go hunting dad!! but hey just wait in a couple of seasons we´ll go on that elk hunt! Wow that´s so nice of Grandma and Grandpa Garrick.... I´ll try and email them either this week or next week to tell them thanks! And Cam, things are sounding good! Is this Lauren girl you´re main squeeze or what?? Sad to hear my redskins are tankin.... but what else is new. Hows Rg3 doin? Has byu begun basketball yet?
alright mom.... hear ya go.
In the package... i´m good on food. but ties... ya. If you can. I´m always game to have more ties. more than anything i want pictures. pictures of us, pictures of me.... who knows. just a bunch of pictures. ha because i want to be able to see them but also a lot of the people we teach like to see stuff like that too.
In all honesty... we don´t have many ¨families¨ that we´re teaching. We do have one... kinda... that began as a reference from the branch pres. This lady, sonia, is a less active member... like super... and when we passed by the first time she didnt want anything. but we persisted, and slowly but surely, she´s become more open to the gospel. and after we had taught her for a while, she introduced us to her daughter, lesly. not a member, but after we taught her once, she was super excited and wanted to know more and accepted a date for baptism! and THEN, last night we went to teach lesly for the third time i think, and she introduced us to hear brother! haha and he´s all in as well.... wants to grow closer to God, and wants to learn more. Pretty cool how all that works huh?
we´re going to watch General Conference in a city an hour away from here at their chapel.
(Dinners) we have a ¨comida¨ every day with a member. but it´s at 2 o clock in the afternoon. other than that, we´re on our own. usually at nights i eat a pb&j sandwich :) but they usually feed us good stuff at the comidas. not anything too special... just your average beans, rice, meat, and tortillas. sometimes its weird stuff like pig stomach or sardines with skin still on them but the food is good i really like it.
well... spiritual thought for the week! yesterday we taught this guy named Antonio. He lives in hardly anything... basically a big tent with mud floors, one lightbulb, a bed, and random stuff thrown every which way. thats how his house looks... but he said something to me that really struck me. he said, ¨ i got my bed, my light, my water, and my little bit of food. what else do i need? the lord has blessed me with life.¨ I hope we all take a minute to realize how good we really have it and never miss a day without thanking the Lord for EVERYTHING that we have. Love you all!! Cuidanse mucho!
Elder Webb

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