Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hey Everyone!!
I´m so happy to hear about Cam doing so well in the state tournament! Haha I brag about him all the time to some of the Elders here :) Love you, bro. And Mom, thanks for reminding me I´ve been out here for that long.... ha honestly I don´t really think about it. But it feels good I guess! Things are coming more easily and I feel right at home. Almost... :) but ya this week was crazy.... as you all know about the death of Elder Coons. I didn´t know the guy... he was almost brand new, only been here for about 3 weeks. But we found out on Thursday night and we had to hop on a bus that same night and go to Tampico because President was gonna talk to the whole mission. It was super somber and sad... Pretty crazy... no one imagines dying out here in the mission! It was a freak accident tho... it could have happened to anyone. But super sad, Apparently he was an awesome guy. But I'll tell you what, my testimony of the plan of salvation has grown immensely and my knowledge of it as well just from listening to Presidente. We are all part of God´s divine plan... and God has a divine purpose for each and every one of us. Elder Coons apparently had completed what he needed to. Simple as that!
Our teaching here is still normal as usual.... not very good. haha I don´t know if you guys get emails from Nathan (cousin) but he says that they get like 30 or more lessons in a week. I´m like, WHAT??? We´ve never had more than 18. It´s tough here! haha but we´re workin hard and, yes, Antolin is finally ready for baptism!! He had his interview the other day and his baptism will be the 26th. He´s so pumped, too, haha he´s like a little tiny kid! It´s so awesome to see someone light up with the gospel in their eyes from something that you´ve helped teach. It´s special stuff I´m tellin ya!!
Anyways I love you all and you are always in my prayers every night. I try not to think about home too much but sometimes it´s hard ;) but don´t worry about me, guys. Remember what Stake President said in my blessing? That if I was obedient, I´d be safe. And don´t worry--I´m obedient.........usually ;) nah just kidding. Hey send me pics of stuff back home if you can! I dunno, attach them to the email! Stuff of the deer club... I don't know--anything. I´ll try and send pics next week my computer today is terrible slow. Hasta luego! Love you all!!
Elder Webb

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  1. Elder Webb,
    We Love to read and hear about how great your Mission is. However we want to hear more about the FEAR FACTOR food you are eating. :) We use some of your experiences on our family night...(when we have it). Keep up the Good Work

    The Doug Webb Family