Monday, August 5, 2013

Consulate and the Priesthood

Aug. 1, 2013

Mi Familia!--

So, like I've said in my many emails, I'm leaving on Monday . . . bluh, bluh, bluh . . . I'm gonna call you guys around 9.  You know what's goin' on.  But, so today we went up to Salt Lake to get our Visas.  It was pretty sweet.  We got tot take Front Runner from Provo to Murray and then Trax over into South Salt Lake. 

So, we went to the Mexican Consolate right next to the Bees Stadium to pick up our Visas.  Anyways, that all went fine, I guess we haven't got Visas yet. technically, but they expect them to come tomorrow or something.  But, so I wanted to tell you about an experience we had while we were on our way back to the train!  Keep in mind we are in a sketchy part of Salt Lake---ghetto, just your stereotypical inner-city.  (I didn't know that side of Utah existed!)  Anyways, so we are walking back and we see this guy park his bike a little ways in front of us.  He takes off his shirt and yells to us, "Missionaries!  Missionaries!  I need you to give me a blessing!"  Ha.  There are like ten of us walking down the street, and we were all like:  uhh . . . . . and it was funny cuz he was right in front of me so I had to answer to him.  He begins to tell us how he's possessed with demons and how he's battling drug addictions.  But he looked just awful.  And so he kneels down in the midst of us and is just like, "Please bless me!"  He gets down right in front of me . . . and I'm feeling weird about this the whole time.  (Also, keep in mind that we are right by Main Street--tons of traffic and tons of foot traffic).  So, we're like, "Uh, right here?  Right now?  It's pretty public right here."  And he just says, "Ya! The more public the better!" So, we explained to him how it was sacred and it needs to be done more privately, and he was totally understanding.  So, we walk over to these trees around by the gas station, all the while talking with the other elders and they they all felt the same way:  that we probably shouldn't give him a blessing there.  But, we decided that we should just leave him with a prayer.  So, we did, and we prayed for him that according to his faith he would receive strength and comfort and a knowledge that he is a a child of God.  And I felt the Spirit way strongly. 

Afterwards, he just says, "Thank you guys so much.  I know you guys do great things and have the priesthood power of God! I know I'm a child of God, but I'm just so lost right now! But, thank you so much--I feel strength to change."  And he left.  Oh, my, it was such a cool experience!  Missionary work is gettin' real!!  I'm so excited to get out there . . . just wanted to share that with you all!! Love you guys so much.  Thanks for all the love and support.  --Elder Webb


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