Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Week in the Books!

ahhh man. mexico is the bomb!! my spanish is.... terrible. but my comp is awesome he kinda takes the reins during lessons and stuff. it's super hot.... super humid.... i drink a ton of soda and no one here drinks from the tap. there is no hot water, at least where we live so i have to take a cold shower and the only setting is jet stream. haha but i love it! ive seen some crazy weird things, eaten some weird things (and good things dont get me wrong) and met some weird people. but its alllllll good. as far as our investigators and stuff, we dont have much success. if you guys didnt already know, missionary work is different now. its all about working with members and reactivating less actives and receiving referrals for new investigators through members or less actives. no street contacts, no door knocking, we try to be more efficient i guess. but the work is kinda hard but.... it's alright we're still workin at it! some weird stuff i've seen, eaten, or done so far:
lady cutting her lawn with a machete
man who owns a taco shop hangs the carcasses of animals that he uses for the meat for the tacos right outside his shop, where he'll go, take a piece off, and cook it for the customer.
this morning, we went and got our haircut and a ladies house and she made us breakfast. she made us pork hooves with tortillas. a bowl of stew like sauce or whatever, with a big pork hoof in the middle with torillas on the side. 
i'm trying to remember what else.... but i cant.... all in all its just way different here! 
but life is good. i'm doin fine! i'm loving it. love all of you!! 
buenas tardes

elder webb

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  1. You probably just need to close your eyes to some of the food! Good Luck!