Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Flea Market & PICS!

July 10, 2013

Hey family!
lifes gooood here at the mtc. You probably know that, because thats the only thing i ever tell you when i write but its getting better and better each day. this week has flown by... class time gets really boring but hanging out and doing weird things with my zone after the day's over makes everything alright :) we trade ties almost every night.... ha we take it very seriously. its like a flea market not even kidding! i've already traded for a couple of really good ones. i think because ties are the only sort of style we can have, the only way to express ourselves around here, that everyone all of a sudden has this itching for new ties. so we trade! all the time. i traded one of dad's ties... oh ya sorry dad i stole one of your ties.... but, luckily i was able to trade for it back so now dad you can sleep at night knowing that your tie will return safely in 2 years :) we do a lot of fun and weird stuff as a zone at night, we do this activity we call "bonding". i'm not gonna tell you what it is. but mom dont worry, it's nothing that will get me sent home :) haha. i love my zone i've already made a bunch of great friends. we have a professional volleyball player from austrailia, a highly recruited football player from idaho, and a whole bunch of weird and funny guys. it's a great time. 
its also very spiritual around here, dont get me wrong. next week i'll go into better detail about what i've learned but right now i don't have a ton of time to write this. but my testimony has increased exponentially and i can't wait to continue to learn more. I finally figured out how to attach pictures! i'll send you a few now, and in a couple of other emails today. love you all! continue to WRITE me, i love to read mail at night :) Hasta la huego!!

--Elder Webb

Jared's companion

Jared's district

Jared and Elder Jensen, a good friend from his zone

District again!

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