Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 20, 2014

HEY everyone!!!

Soo...... this week was very interesting! haha. It was actually reeeeallly boring. We were resting almost all week! It was frustrating for me.... But I had a small infection on my right thigh, so we went to the doctor to get it checked out. He told me I needed a lot of rest and he had me on some antibiotics. I'm feeling good now, but I've still got a few days of rest ahead of me. Haha I've been killing all my free time reading James E. Talmage's 'Articles of Faith'. It's a great book so I've been pretty caught up in that :) But ya, that was basically my week! Lots of rest and lots of reading. 

We did work on Monday and Tuesday of last week before I had to rest, which was good... At least we could get a little something done! On Tuesday I went on divisions with Elder Grover. He's from Idaho. I love him to death--we had a really good time! We worked in his area, and we  had a couple of really good experiences together. We were teaching a recent convert and we asked her for a reference for someone new that we could teach. She told us that her neighbor there across the street just had her husband pass away. We decided to jump at the chance and contact her! We got there and she was really apprehensive at first, but we were extra loving and we talked about The Plan of Salvation and how she will have the chance to see her husband again. That really caught her attention, and she accepted another visit. It was a cool, but very simple experience of how the gospel fills the holes that we have, or create for ourselves, in this life. 

Ha I'm sorry that this letter probably wasn't the greatest one ever... a little pressed on time and a little short on experiences this week, but just know that everything is good with me and I pray for you guys every day.

Thanks for everything!! Get well soon Grandpa!!

Elder Webb

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