Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 22, 2014


Hey what's up everybody?? Real quick I want to wish Grandpa Webb good luck in his surgery this week. I'll be thinking about you tons, Grandpa! And Gradnpa Garrick sounds like he's making a good recovery which really makes me really happy. Thoughts and prayers with the both of you.

Glad to hear everything is going well at home. Things out here are going great! Loving the work and this area more and more every day. We had a good week overall. It was a little tough in some ways, but we hung in there and were able to see 7 investigators in church this week!! We were super excited about that.

We had zone conference on Tuesday with President Jordan with our zone and the other zone of Elders that are in this area. Man, it was a great meeting!! He talked to us a lot about diligence and success and hard work. He pointed out that our zones are working really hard and doing really well, but we had been declining as of late. He talked about how "the distance from where we are now compared to the success that we desire, is only a small thing", and he talked about how it's really the small and simple things that make the difference. It was a really cool conference, I felt really good about it and felt like I learned a lot.

We've got a lot of good investigators that are progressing right now! Jesus didn't get baptized this weekend, we felt it better to wait until this coming weekend so he could be a little better prepared. But he's doing really well so we're still excited for him.

Marisol, (the sister of Angelica who just got baptized a month ago), is also super excited to get baptized the 11th of October! We actually had a really cool experience with her this week. She had accepted a baptismal date about two weeks ago, I don't know if I ever mentioned that, but we realized that, being under the age of 18, she needed permission from her parents to be baptized. She lives with Abimael and Angelica, and her parents live like and hour away. But her parents are Catholic and do not want any of their kids changing religion. All of them told us how stubborn and tough they are and how they will NEVER give her permission to get baptized. But, the thing was, if she wanted to get baptized, she needed permission from her parents. So, we gave her a priesthood blessing, and did a fast, and prayed and prayed that their hearts would be softened to let her get baptized. At first, the answer from her parents was no, but, sure enough, as she kept sharing her feelings with them and what she really desired, their hearts were softened, and they gave her permission to get baptized. We were so pumped!!!! It was such a big blessing to see that this week. My testimony continues to grow about the power of faith and prayer and priesthood blessings!!

I got your package this week. Those garments and shirts were much needed. Almost as much as I needed those Peachy-O's. Thank you. :) Hope you guys have an excellent week!! Love you all to death.

Elder Webb

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