Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 8, 2014

Wassup Fam!

Glad to hear everyone is doin well!! And dang, Cam, I'm so pumped that you took 7th at Antigua! That's awesome!! Just gotta work on finishing strong eh? ;) And that's awesome to hear about Lindsey teaching her class. 

Things are really going well here. I am honestly, like, way excited for the direction that things are going right now. We got a surprise this week though, we had special transfers! They changed my companion out of the area and now I'm with a new companion named Elder Espino. The change was way unexpected, and Elder Hernandez was really sad to leave, but Elder Espino and I get along just great and we are really working hard here! This week, we had a lot of success in teaching and finding people to teach and preparing people for baptism. I feel like we're seeing miracles left and right here. Abimael and Angelica are doing grreeeat!! Abimael recently received the Aaronic priesthood, and yesterday he and I blessed the sacrament together. It was a really cool experience! 

One of the biggest blessings that we're seeing right now is that a lot of Abimael and Angelica's family are progressing as well! Yesterday, for example, Abimael's brother Kike, and Angelica's sister Marisol both came to church. They are both starting to get real excited about the church! Kike is a little rebellious but we're workin on it haha. We were gonna have Jesus' baptism this week but he's got just a few things we gotta work on so that he's right ready for his baptism. But he is just great. Such a sincere guy. Yesterday, he even decided that he would get up and bear his testimony! He's a great example to me of how much someone can change if they put their mind to it and if they seek the guidance of our Heavenly Father.

Like I said, we had a few really special experiences this week. I really believe that God is putting prepared people in our path. Yesterday we were leaving church and we passed by a little park bench area and this guy calls after us. I honestly thought to myself, "Oh great, probably someone else who wants to argue about doctrine or something like that. A little reluctantly, we walked over to him. He started to talk to us about how not so long ago he had met other missionaries in a different city, and that as he saw us passing by, he was really curious as to what it is that we do. He said that he is really open to religion and was very very interested when we told him about the Book of Mormon. He told us that he was definitely gonna read it, and we have an appointment this week to go back and teach him. But, the story doesn't stop there! Towards the end of our little chat we had with this guy, another guy from behind comes up and sits down next to me and he asks, seeing the Book of Mormon, "Is that the New Testament?" and so I thought to myself this time, "Alright, if this first guy didn't want to debate about religion, this guy definitely does." But he started to tell me how he was in prison for about 4 years, and that he had found the Book of Mormon and it really helped him to forgive those who did him wrong and he said that thanks to the Book of Mormon, he left the prison a better man. We also set up an appointment with him to teach him a little more about the church. :) 

Just little things like that have been happening this week but I know that when we are constantly doing our best and working our very hardest, God blesses us. I really believe that if we put forth our best effort, God will bless us, often in ways that we could not have imagined.

THanks for everything family!! You know that you're the best family in the world and I love you all. Have a great week and enjoy this pic of me with a stuffed Mexican jalapeƱo. Peace!

Elder Webb

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  1. Way to go, Elder Webb! You are doing such a great job in doing the Lord's work! Keep it up!!!