Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 1, 2014


Man, sounds like things are moving right along back home. Glad to hear Lindsey is doing well out in Mass. and that she's happy. We had a weird week this week... we just kinda felt out of rhythm the whole week! We got a lot of good things done and had some good experiences, just felt a little out of rhythm.

We did have to go to Tampico this week, which is always fun but especially where we're at right now, it's a little bit of an interruption to the work in our area. We had a meeting with all the rest of the leaders from the mission with President Jordan. It was a great meeting! Very spirit packed. Sister Jordan, President's wife, said something at the beginning of the meeting that was really interesting to me and it helped me grasp my calling as a missionary a little more. She said that we are all humble servants of God, and as humble servants of God, we don't deserve ANYTHING for ourselves. I really believe that's true, and I guess I'm trying to become a more humble servant of God. haha.

I learned a little bit better this week the importance of sticking it out until the end of every day. On Saturday we were just having one of those tough days. No one that we had planned to visit was home, not even the member family that had planned to feed us was home for our lunch appointment! haha. It was just one of those days. We had hoped to be able to find a few new investigators that day, but everything was just fallin through. But, I kept tellin myself and my companion that we were gonna be able to find a new investigator by the end of the day. So we stuck with it. We left our last planned appointment at 8:15 at night, and with no other plans, and still without having found any new investigators, we were about ready to call it a day. But we kept walking and decided to go visit a less active member that lived a couple blocks away. On our way there, my companion looked down one of the side streets and saw that the car of a former investigator named Yovani was in the driveway. Neither of us had ever met him before but we new that at one time he listened to the missionaries. So we decided, what the heck, we'll go check it out. So we show up, he was super excited to see us, and he started to tell us how his life has been missing something ever since he stopped talking to the Elders a while back. He was super receptive to the teaching and accepted a date to be baptized. I know now that many times, God waits until the 4th watch to answer our prayers. But he does answer them. Like Thomas S. Monson once said, "Bread cast upon the water returns often times only after a few days. But it does return."

I love you guys so much and I thank you for all your prayers and support!! Good luck, Cam, this week in your tournament and Dad--good luck on the elk hunt this week!!

Elder Webb

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