Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 1, 2014

Whats going on, family!!

Man I miss you guys this time of year! I'm not trunkie I promise I'm just saying :) Looks like you all had a great time at Scott and Julie's! Thanks for sending me some of those great pics! We kinda had a Thanksgiving dinner here, too. It was pretty great. On Friday, we had a mission council meeting for all the zone leaders in the mission, and afterwards we went to the mission home to eat! Sister Jordan made basically a Thanksgiving dinner. It was awesome! It was a pretty special experience eating pecan pie after such a long time.

Things are going pretty good here! All in all, things are pretty normal! This week on Tuesday I went on divisions with Elder Bartholomew. I went out to his area, and we had a really good time! He's a stud missionary, he's one of the district leaders in our zone. We had a great day together. We found a bunch of new people to teach and had just a spirit packed day preaching the gospel! haha. It was pretty great, we taught this one lady and her son early in the day. This lady owns a little cafe thing, and she always has a little taco stand that she puts out at nights (that's the only time taco stands are open by the way... super annoying because we aren't ever out at night). Anyways, they do a lot of tacos al pastor here, which is like this special marinated pork that is awesome. ha. Anyways, she told us to pass by her house before we went home and she could give us some tacos. So obviously we said yes. When we passed by, she came out with this big take out box, a big pack of flour tortillas, and a bunch of salsas. In total, she gave us like 2 pounds of meat!! haha so we cooked it all up when we got home. We ate pretty good that day :)

This week we faced a lot of rejection as far as the work goes! Sometimes it happens. Some weeks it just seems that no one wants to know anything about the gospel. It's tough sometimes but I don't get down on myself. The Lord always blesses his children who have a good attitude during times of trials. I definitely saw that this week. We were blessed to find a few new people at the end of the week that we're really excited about. We're really excited as missionaries to start this new He is the Gift campaign! I imagine you guys have heard all about it. If not, look into it it's awesome!! I love you guys with all my heart. Have a great week this week!!

Elder Webb


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