Friday, December 12, 2014

December 8, 2014


We actually had a pretty good week here this week! We're still struggling a bit as far as work is concerned, but we're hanging in there! We actually found a couple of pretty good people to teach this week. But we also had a couple of sweet rejections :) gotta love it! haha. It was a pretty busy week this week, we were running around all over the place! On Tuesday, we did divisions with the assistants to the President. I went out to their area with Elder Hallman, one of my best friends in the mission, and one of my good buddies from the MTC. We had a really good time, we had a couple of sweet experiences together too! 

We taught this guy named Juan, who was born here in Mexico but grew up and spent 30 years of his life in the states, he speaks English better than Spanish, so we taught him in English! Which was weird... I've only taught in English like one other time in my mission! But it was sweet. At the end of the day, we bought like a pound of pastor to make tacos :) I'm attaching a pic of it, it was pretty great. That was on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, I went on divisions with another elder in our zone, Elder Lima. Elder Lima and I are good buddies, I've known him for a while now and so I went out to his area! Just for a few hours we were together but I learned a lot from him.

We did a district service project here in our area. Other sister missionaries from the zone came and we helped build a house for this old member in our ward. This guy's name is Maclovio, and he got baptized like 3 years ago, and has been super strong in the church. He is very very poor, and has no family at all. Lives completely by himself. It was a good experience to help him. He was very thankful for the service that we gave him. Even though we were only able to do a little!  On Saturday, President Jordan assigned us to give a tour of the Temple to a branch that was coming from another city. So we were basically their guides for a few hours, talking about the history of the Tampico temple, watching a few different videos, a little bit of food... just a bunch of stuff! They are awesome people, a lot of them were less actives or investigators, which is why we were assigned to help them out, kind of explain how things are done a little bit better. It was a special experience!

Did you guys watch the Christmas devotional yesterday? We did, and I really enjoyed it! More than anything, I enjoyed the music. I worship Christmas music!! Especially from MOTAB. Just a heads up, now that Christmas is coming up, we've gotta start getting the phone calls set up. I'm gonna be able to talk to you guys any time between 10:30 in the morning til 3 in the afternoon. So you guys think about it, and let me know. Also, mom, would you send me maybe like an attached copy of the scrooge story, and the Night Before Christmas story? I would really appreciate it :) I love you guys so much! Thanks for all you do for me. Have a great week!!

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