Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 23, 2014


Whats up, everybody! Good news: The foot is cured!! Pretty much. Mom, I know you would like to know how I got the infection in my foot.... and so would I. The doctor told me that something may have bitten me. Needless to say, he didn't exactly shed much light on the situation. But hey, things are better now. There are no worries here. I'm good to go. We did lock the key in the house this morning, and are still tryin to figure out what to do about that...... but if worst comes to worst we'll just go sleep under the bridge over the canal. :)

This week was a good week for us. Kind of. It had its up and downs. I still had to rest my foot the first part of this week, but since Wednesday, I've been up and about and out working. We found a few new investigators this week that really have a lot of potential. One of them is named Eduardo. He's just the most humble guy ever. He lives in a little concrete hut and eats cactus all day every day, because that's all he can afford. For a living, he sells pineapple on his bicycle. He's just a stud! He wasn't able to go to church with us yesterday but he wants to be baptized and wants to get closer to God and have a better relationship with him.

It's been raining a lot here this week... Man, gotta love that Mexico rain! Ha it kinda puts a damper on things (ha get it?) as far as work goes. Because it rains for about 10 minutes, and all the streets fill with water and it's like impossible to get around. It started raining really hard on Thursday after lunch and we were walking by the house of one of our old investigators that we hadn't seen in about 2 months. But they invited us in for some shelter from the rain. While we were there, we talked to our investigator, Alicia, for a long time about everything. At the end, she accepted a baptismal date and was super excited to read the Book of Mormon. What a blessing the rain can be sometimes! :)

Elder Martinez and I are enjoying ourselves. I've really loved having him as my companion... He's such a chill guy. He makes me laugh all the time. We're working hard and trying to stay dry! But between the rain and the humidity, It's almost impossible to stay dry! I love you all so much and hope that you have an amazing week! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  DAD!!!!!!! (4 days ago... but hey, I couldn't write you on Thursday)

Elder Webb

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