Monday, July 14, 2014

July 8, 2014


Can somebody get me Jake Ambuehl's email address?? I gotta write him and let him know that I'm thinking about him. I'm so sorry to hear about his accident!! I'll be praying for him.

Well well well.... I got transfered! I'm in one of the cooooolest places in the mission. It is sooo beautiful here!! I'll send pictures next week... This week the computer is weird and won't let me attach photos. But mom, thanks for always having such a soft heart and being willing to help :) but I honestly don't know what's gonna happen to that guy. We were teaching him a little bit this last week, but he wasn't really coming around. But who knows! I hope and pray he does, but even if he doesn't, we still can say that we did all that we could. I'm gonna miss it out there in my last area... I really enjoyed that place and made some awesome relationships with some of those members and investigators there. It was the toughest area of my mission.... We had a lot of difficulties and struggles but I think that what I learned in that area was really what I was sent there for:

 Everything happens for a reason. Not every missionary is sent to baptize 10,000 people like Dan Jones, some are sent to lift the spirits of a fallen companion, some are sent to plant seeds. For missionary work to be successful as a whole, you've got to have every single part working. It reminds me of a scripture in 1 Corinthians when Paul is comparing members of the church as one "body" in Christ. And he says in verse 19, "Because if all were only one member, Where would the body be?" and he continues saying, "The members of the body that seem most weak, are the most necessary." (rough translation from Spanish to English). I really believe that's true... We've all gotta find our place and, like President Uchtodorf said, "Lift where you stand".

I don/t know if you remember my old companion, Elder Delgado, that I trained? The crazy one that was dancing behind me on Christmas when I skyped you guys? Haha well he got transfered here with me. He's not gonna be my companion, but he's gonna be in the branch here. So tight! Love the kid to death. Well anyways.... I love you all to death. Thanks for everything!! Here's to a speedy recovery for Jake Ambuehl. Hang in there buddy. Ciaaoo!

Elder Webb

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