Monday, May 19, 2014

May 5, 2014

I'm finding it's getting harder and harder to greet you guys in English..... sooo..... hello?
I'm gonna call you guys on Sunday. Around 12:30.. hope that's alright. I'm pumped to talk to you guys too! it really doesn't seem like 5 months ago was the last time I talked to you guys.... man the time is flying by.
Not too much is new here... None of our investigators have been showing up to church. Man... that has been difficult for us. We've been working really hard, we've been finding a lot of new people to teach, teaching well.... but not seein much fruit in our labor as far as going to church goes. And in the long run, if they don't show up to church, they can't progress towards baptism. It's stressful, frustrating.... but there's no point in complaining or whining... haha just gotta keep going. Never thought I'd resort to quoting Finding Nemo, (Mom this one's for you) but we gotta "just keep swimming".
This week I did a bunch of divisions with the Elders from my district. Its always fun to spend some time and work with other Elders. I worked with Elder Spellacy, who's from San Bernadino, California, and with Elder Bernal, from Guerrero, Mexico. We had a good time together and I learned a lot from them. I'm learning how to be a humble leader... because of all the Elders in my district, I'm the youngest (besides one who has the same amount of time as me). So I'm trying to learn all I can from these other guys.
We had an interesting experience with Matilde this week... last Monday night, we went to her house for our appointment that we had set. We were with a sister from the ward. We show up, and she comes out just steaming mad! She starts yelling at us, telling us that she doesn't ever want us to come back again. I was crushed... but I didn't say anything. I just sat there, looking at her intently. My companion did the same. After the small tantrum she had, she broke down and started crying. And it all came out, how her husband had been unfaithful or whatever exactly it was, and that she just felt lost and confused and angry. So, we sat her down and started to talk to her. We shared scriptures about the atonement, about how Christ knows exactly what we are going through. We talked about trials, about how they make us stronger. We talked about how in the trials that we have, is when we need to have ever more faith in God and in his Son's atonement. After about 30 minutes, she was calmed down, smiling, and laughing, and repenting and thanking God. The spirit was very strong there. I know and bear testimony of the healing power of the Atonement. I saw it before my very eyes in that woman. Now, if only we could get her to come to church. haha.
I'm loving my area, and loving my companion. we get along great. Mom, I do need you to make me an account on skype. Just make an account, and send me the information over email when you get a second so we can connect easier. Love you all, can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!
Elder Webb

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