Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Wooooohhh Where do I begin??
Alright well I'll probably begin the way I usually do. This week was a good week... little bit of working..... lots of sweating.... found a few new people... not too many investigators came to church.... what else is new?
Nah but this week was a good week, not gonna lie. It was a little bit slower this week, not exactly sure why. We were gone for a couple days, we had to go on a ROAD TRIPPP to Tampico for a leadership training meeting with Elder Benjamin De Hoys of first quorum of the Seventy. (He was the guy that said the closing prayer in one of the sessions of Conference, you know, the guy that had the super thick Mexican accent?). It was awesome. He's an incredible guy and we learned a lot. Always a good time heading down to Tampico for a day or two. But aside from that, it was a fairly slow work week. I think we ran into a couple of walls this week... a lot of our plans fell through and we were left in the dark. Ha but don't worry, this week we're gonna do it! Mark my words.
We found this way cool guy named Bernardo a week or two ago and were able to teach him a couple times this week. He's a member, grew up in the church but many years ago went inactive. We found him cuz he's like the head taco chef at one of the best Taco joints in town, haha! In fact, this week when we came back from Tampico, we went to eat at that taco place and he gave us a free Kilogram of pastor! (Pastor is pork, but seasoned with like pineapple, limes.... and a whole bunch of other things.It's delicious.) Haha we were so pumped, it was awesome. But he's been super excited lately about coming back to church. And yesterday, we were able to get him to come to church! Haha he comes out of his house rockin like true religion jeans, a pink flannel shirt, and rocking some aviator sun glasses. And he's like, "Lets go to church gentlemen." hahaha it was so funny!! But he's a stud, seriously. And we're seeing some real desires from him to change his life and get closer to God. One of the few successes we've seen lately, but those little successes are what keep you going in the mission.
Mom, in response to your questions, yes I'd love some of that sheet music! It gets boring playing pure hymns sometimes. But BIG NEWS! I'm now starting to play the hymns in sacrament meeting with BOTH HANDS. (Big achievement). I don't know about you guys, but I'm pumped. Also, I print off photos every once and a while and have basically a photo album.... And a lot of the pictures that I put there are pictures that I don't send home so... haha you can do whatever you want Mom but just to let you know. Anyways... gotta run. But I love you all, and am thankfully for every single one of your prayers! Have an amazing week!

Elder Webb

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