Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 21, 2014

Hey Fam!
How goes it everybody? Sounds like things are just going great at home! I miss those Easter Sunday church meetings. Here, Easter like isn't really a holiday. Like, kind of but not really. In Mexico they recognize Semana Santa, or, Holy Week. Its a huge Catholic thing and like a big week-long celebration that is capped off on Sunday. Ha even a bunch of the members here get caught up in all the stuff going on. It's kinda funny. But things are going good here! My new companion is Elder Martinez from Nayarit, Mexico. He's a stud. We get along great and are working really well together. And he speaks English, which is a plus. But kinda weird, because he's my first companion in the mission that has spoken English. Haha so basically now I'm trying to get used to speaking English with him. Our investigators are doin well... Mayte and Matilde didn't come to church yesterday. Matilde's baby got super sick so she couldn't go, and we havn't been able to find Mayte at all this week. We had a couple other investigators show up though, Oralia and Victor. Oralia is the wife of a less active member. She and her husband, Tirzo, are just awesome. They love us. And after 4 years of not going to church, we got them to come back! They're progressing super nicely. Victor is the boyfriend of a member here and he's just a super stud. Ready to be baptized, but he lacks going to church. That's his problem. He's always working choppin and haulin sugar cane. (The sugar cane is like the main product that they export from here. Right now we're in burn season, and the air is filled with ashes all the time from the cane fields.) But we've been finding new investigators too, so we've got high hopes for this transfer.
Mom I think I'm good on everthing. One thing maybe, might be some money to buy some new slacks. I traded my old comp suit coats because my suit was dying and his didn't fit him. But I need some new pants to go better with it. That's it. We do drink a bunch of soft drinks here, and bottled water. haha. Coke is literally EVERYWHERE. And ask anyone who has ever gone to Mexico, the Coke tastes better here. haha. Probably safe to say that I'll come home and have to fill a few cavities :) Also, tell me when Mother's Day is. Because here in Mexico Mother's Day is May 10th, so most of the Elders are gonna call that day but I can call on our Mother's Day if you want. Let me know when you want me to call you.
This week we had an awesome experience. We went to teach a reference that we had received a few weeks ago. We had already been a couple times to visit her but she's always been busy so we haven't been able to teach her. So we show up, and the same story, says shes too busy to talk to us right now but that we should come back another day. In my mind I'm thinkin, "Whatever, she doesn't want anything. Doubt we'll be coming back." So we left. We get about two blocks away and for some reason, that we aren't sure about, we both just turn around and start walking that way again. It's a good thing we did, because if we didn't, we wouldn't have seen a little boy waving us down, telling us to come back. So we did, we started to head back to the same house that we had just left. We get there, and the lady goes, "my daughter wants to talk to you guys." And so her daughter comes out, holding her bible and tells us to sit down. We sit down, and she starts telling us how she loves to read the bible and learn about Christ. And let me tell ya, you could feel this lady's sincerity about her love for Christ. And then she said, "I just.... I just want to know the truth about the Bible. I just want to know which church has the truth about the bible. I saw you guys come up and I felt like we should talk, because I've never talked with you guys before." We were stunned. haha literally didn't know what to say... We ended up answering a few questions and setting an appointment and we left because we didn't have too much time to teach and we both knew, as if we hadn't known it before, that God REALLY is preparing people to accept the Gospel. I know that, without a doubt in my heart. How amazing it is to be part of this great work.
Love you all, I think about you often. Have a great week! :)
Elder Webb

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