Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 14, 2014


How's it goin everybody?? Sounds like things are super interesting back home ;) But glad to hear everyone is doing good!! Mom, yes I did receive the Easter package. It was great, I really enjoyed all the candy and everything that you sent, but mostly I enjoyed the little cards from everyone! That was awesome. haha. A lot of them made me laugh. Send my thanks to everyone who wrote a little bit to me.

We have a few investigators that are progressing. Well, I should say that we HAD a few that were progressing. The majority of our investigators have fallen through and stopped progressing. But, we have a couple who are doing quite nicely. One's name is Matilde, and the other is named Mayte. They're both super awesome and really prepared to receive the Gospel. I'ts just a matter of getting them to come to church. haha. As far as things that I need you to send me, I can't think of anything right now. My area is good, I really like it. We're now entering the heat months. Today, its 95 degrees hot. But, according to the people here, that's nothing. Only gonna get worse. CANT WAIT!!!

Life is good here. My companion, Elder Ocampo, just got transferred today and I am gonna be with an Elder Martinez. I haven't met him yet, I'm gonna go pick him up from the bus station in about an hour. But we have a lot of work to do. The area here has a lot of potential but we haven't been meeting that full potential. Like I said, most of our investigators that we were teaching have been falling through and so now we have to keep goin and look for new investigators. But, I'm not too worried. It'll probably be tough for the next week or so but we'll hang in there. I know there are people out here that we need to find. I'm seeing more and more that there are more people out here to be found. 

The other day, we had an appointment with one less active sister from the ward. We show up to her house, and she's not home. Her neighbor behind her house, who we had talked to one time before, came out and talked to us for a second. We asked if we could share something with her, and she said no. That she wasn't interested. But, I felt like we were there for some reason so I asked her if there was anyone else here in her little apartment complex where she lived that we could teach. She said, "No one is here." I still felt determined... so we stayed just chatting with her for about a minute when out from one of the other doors came a guy with a bike. I stopped him, we contacted him, and he accepted straight away and now we're gonna go back and visit him this week. 

The people are out there, it just requires a little bit of diligence. Just a little bit more than what you've already given. Just a little bit further than where you've gone before. It's that little bit that makes all the difference.
I love you all suuuuuuuppper suuuuuuuuppppper much. Thanks for everything. Hope everyone has a great week! :)

Elder Webb

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