Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014


Wow.... Conference was amazing!!! Conference weekend as a missionary is seriously better than Christmas. (If we were allowed to call home, then it would literally be the best thing in the world). Something about being a missionary makes watching Conference just that much better. It's hard to explain it. But I learned a ton from Conference. One of my favorite talks was Elder Uchtdorf's about being grateful. I loved what he said when he told us to "put down the bottle of bitterness and lift up the goblet of gratitude." I think it's so true, that a grateful heart is the key to all the greatest blessings we can receive. 

Everything about conference is just so special. We watched conference in the stake center in our area. All the missionaries from our zone came to our area to watch it. And yes, I did get to watch it all in English :) with all the other "gringo" missionaries. That's what the photo is at the bottom, all of us Americans watching Conference. On Sunday after the first session me and my comp left for a little while to go to our lunch appointment. We left, and noticed that right across the street was gathered another church congregation. There were a bunch of people in this meeting, listening to the pastor or preacher shouting at them, almost angrily, about who knows what. What a difference between their meeting and our conference. We're so blessed to know about these restored truths. And in my mind, we're lucky that we don't have a pastor shouting at us and reciting prayers that no one can understand. How blessed we are to be able to listen to God's REAL servants here on earth.

This week was crazy for us... tons of running around. On Wednesday night we took a three hour trip out to Tampico for a training meeting for my comp. That was a lot of fun, but we returned Thursday night and were only able to work Friday before General Conference. The work here in our area is progressing... We're struggling to find new people to teach but we're working hard. The investigators that we do have right now are progressing..... kind of..... struggling to get them to come to church. haha. but things are rolling along. 

Here are a few pictures... like I said, these are some of the guys watching General Conference, and this morning, we took a little trip to the outskirts of town to a member's ranch and did a little bit of fishin! :) It was terrible trying to fish with a stick, about 6 feet of line, and tortillas as bait, but hey we had fun :) and it was beautiful there. Lovin the mission :) Miss you guys a ton. Love you so much.

Elder Webb

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