Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wasssupppp fam!!!!

Greetings from another great city in Mexico! I´m here with my new companion, Elder Marin! He´s a stud.... he´s from Mexico and is gonna leave after this transfer. We´re gonna have fun.... and now that I don´t have a problem with the language it´s much easier ;) but supposedly we´re in a hard area.... but I don´t care--we´re gonnna get down to work!!

Ok, ok, so I gotta tell you guys about Antolin´s baptism... So we were super pumped right? Because we had been teaching him for almost three months, and he was finally gonna get baptized. My last day in the area... a good way to go out right? So we had everything prepared... the baptism was gonna be at six last night. We had to move the baptism to Sunday because he was gonna be in Tampico for the weekend, but he told us he would be back an hour or two before. So everything´s ready, and half the branch shows up which was wayyy cool for us! And Antolin never showed up..... hhaha. We called him a million times, and he finally called us back at like 7 saying that they were still in Tampico and that they weren't gonna be able to make it. FREAAKKKKK!!!!!!! Hahaha--soo frustrating.... but whatever--he´s gonna get baptized this next week which is good... the only thing is that I´m not gonna get to see it . Haha---gooooood night!!

But other than that all is well. I´m doin' good....missin' the fall weather back home, but I´m hangin in there :) For a Christmas package, Mom, send me whatever. But one thing that I would really like is some new music. Pleeeease--I´m getting tired of mo tab and Daniel Beck all day long.

My spiritual thought for the week: Yesterday with the whole Atolin situation... obviously me and my comp Eder Gnzalez were super stressed out and what not. We were praying the whole afternoon, but we said a prayer together around 6 o clock or so, asking that he might be able to make it. And I received an answer that I thought was a little funny.... I heard a little voice, just as they say... still and small, say to me: my son, don´t worry. After that, I was chill. And we know that Antolin never showed up. So my testimony this week is that God does answer prayers, and that God has a will for everything, and there´s a reason that Antolin didn't get baptized yesterday. Though I´m not sure why.
I love you all.... thank you sooo much for the love and support!!! :) un abrazo!!

Elder Webb

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