Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Hey hey hey family!

I'm glad to hear that my letter got there and everything. haha and also, sorry for giving you a heart attack mom, but you know me i`m never gonna miss a chance to mess with you guys :) **(Jared wrote us a hand-written letter that said he had been bitten by a dog and that he had spent the night in the hospital getting stitched up from an 8-inch gash and being tested for rabies, etc. . . then told us he was just kidding about all that, but a dog HAD come after him and had torn his shirt.  Nearly gave his Mom a heart-attack . . .)** That's awesome to hear about all the mission calls and stuff from back home. and statler gets home in january??? what???? he just barely left i promise. and to answer your question about the piano mom, no, no one has asked me to play the piano for the ward or anything. But every chance i get i go over to the piano and play a little something or sight read the melody of the hymns and what not. And every time i do i think to myself...¨why did i ever stop practicing piano?¨ I hate to say it but.... mom..... you were right.
This week was pretty good.... really nothing special goin on. Haha i know you guys are all probably sick of me saying that in my emails but in all honesty this area is a little bit boring! ha it`s even worse than my last area, as far as teaching goes (which i didnt think was possible), and so we spend more than half of the day just walking around and getting shut down by the people we go to visit haha. But dont worry, we're not getting too down and i'm thankful to have a good companion who, even though he leaves in 2 weeks, is still willing to work hard. he`s a really good example to me of enduring to the end of the mission.
This week we did have a little experience that lifted my spirits a little bit. Like i said we dont really have many people to teach. But the other day, we finally got in contact with this less active lady that hasnt been to church in YEARS. She accepted us to go over there and talk with her. so we went! after listening to her tell her about her life and a little bit of why she hasnt been coming to church, somehow both me and my companion decided to settle on talking about faith. So we did, we taught a whole lesson about faith and trusting in the Lord and having faith to keep his commandments. At the end of the lesson, almost in tears, she was telling us how thankful she was for us and how she is now awakened to what she needs to do with her life. I learned a few things from this lesson.... One, that it's NEVER to late for someone to receive or re-receive the gospel. Two, we ALL need faith and to trust in the Lord in order to fulfil his commandments. and three, even though we arent having much success with anyone else, I know that i'm here in this area for a reason. The one thing that's bad about this whole situation is that we found out that the next day she left to go live with her husband in Monterrey.... so she wont be coming back to Tampico for at least another 3 or 4 months. Who knows if i'll ever see her again, but i hope and pray that we've been able to plant a seed of faith in her heart so that she can continue faithfully in the path of the Lord.
Quick thought for the week: i was reading in the Liahona this week, i dont remember which but i think it was from like 2008, we have a bunch of old ones here at our house. ha but i came across a quote by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. and he says: ¨The most cherished and sacred moments of our lives are those filled with the spirit of love. The greater the measure of our love, the greater is our joy. In the end, the development of such love is the true measure of success in life.¨ I really liked that quote, and it made me think a lot about what exactly is important in our lives, as well as the key to receiving spiritual experiences. Love. Speaking of love, i love you all. Have a great thanksgiving! Gonna miss being around the table with you all but its alright, i`ll live :)
Elder Webb

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  1. I rest my case for taking piano lessons! I have never ever ever heard anyone say "I'm so glad I quit taking piano lessons...That was such a dumb thing my Mom tried to get me to do!" I'll teach him when he gets home if he wants to! Sweet Elder!