Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 12, 2013

Hey Hey Hey family!!

Mom, I just got your package today. Also, I realize that it´s Tuesday but we pushed p-day back a day so we could go to the temple today. The temple was awesome. It's a lot different when everything is in Spanish but I really enjoyed it. But thanks for the package! I'm gonna down the candy in no time flat. Haha.  And the baby pictures? Thanks... now all my companions will make fun of me forever. Thanks for the ties too! In this next package, could you send me more recent pics please? Haha and I have a million of us as a family, which is great, but I'd kinda like a few of my friends, too :) Thanks a bunchhh. Oh and Mom, I know what you mean when you say you are living on cold cereal (while Dad and Cam are gone). I feel your pain.

This week went prettyy well! Things are goin good with my companion and everything, and we just had the baptism on Friday! I'm gonna have to send you pics next week because somehow my adapter doesn't fit in the usb port on this computer... but the baptism went well! Hah--we were all wayy lucky to be baptized in warm water! There is no hot water tap here so the water was ice cold haha you should have see their faces when they were getting into the water!! But it was a great experience. And yes, my companion had been teaching them for a little while before I got here. I'm in an area called Nuevo Progreso, (or new progress).  I'm enjoying life in the city.

Thanks for all the love and support back home. You don't know how grateful I am for all the prayers. And I can promise you that I can feel the strength of the Lord helping me along, and I believe in many ways it comes from the prayers of support from back home. So thanks, to every one of you who will read this message. This week, I read the book "Our Pursuit of Happiness" by M. Russell Ballard. It was aweseome. If you havn't read it, I highly encourage you to read it. I was gonna share a quote with y'all from it but I left the book at the house, haha, but just know that it is an awesome book that outlines our basic doctrine, as well as some personal stories from Elder Ballard. Seriously read it!!--you'll love it, I promise. Right now I'm reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage.... And it may or may not be blowing my mind. Haha I'm learning tons. But anyways... Love you all tons! Keep on keepin' on.

--Elder Waypf (that's how people here pronounce my name.........ya, I don't get it, either.)

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