Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 4, 2013

whats upppp family!!
Life here in the city is a lot different.... suppppper different. In my last area, we were knee deep in mud alll the time it seemed like but now we´re in concrete and civilization. Haha. And usually, the work here in the cities is a lot better.... but the ward I´m in is worse than the branch I was in out in my last area. Haha. Yesterday, we had 25 people show up to church..... and we're in a WAR--let's not forget that. Haha. But I got up and bore my testimony, too, Mom! I bore it about a cool experience I had this week that I´ll tell you guys about in a sec. Also, it´s cool to see how fast my Spanish has progressed and it´s fun for me now because I don't have trouble communicating with people. All in all, this area is a lot better than my last. We have a Walmart, Little Ceasars, Church´s Chicken (kinda like Popeye's).... so I´m content :) Haha. And my comp is way sweet. He´s out of here after this transfer but he´s been a real good example to me of sticking it out until the end because there´s a lot of missionaries that tank towards the end of their mission, haha. He´s funny-- I´ll have to send you a pic of him next week I don't have one this week of him.
But, like I said, I had a pretty cool experience this week.... we were walking down the street after visiting with a less active member, heading towards another appointment that we had. As we were walking, I looked to my left and saw a lady walking on the sidewalk, and I got this super strong impression to go and talk to her. I´ll never forget this promptin--it was so distinct. It wasn´t a voice, but a strong feeling in my heart that I couldn't deny. And trust me, I tried to shake it off because I hate contacting in the street haha. But I knew it was a prompting from the spirit that I had to follow. And I got super excited because we don´t have hardly any investigators and I thought that since I was receiving this prompting she´d be someone who was prepared to receive our message. So I got all excited haha. But so I go up to this lady, stick my hand out to introduce myself, and before I could finish asking how she was, she cut me off and said like, "Oh no sorry I can't.  I have another appointment to go to". And she started walking super fast to get ahead of us, and I was like, huh??? Didnt I just receive a prompting to talk to this lady about the gospel? Why doesn't she want to listen?? And as I sat there thinking more and more, I receive another distinct feeling of peace. And I knew it was the holy ghost tellin me that I did well. Ha--it was kinda a weird experience but in all honesty it was awesome for me, because I learned that no matter what, listening to and obeying the promptings of the spirit is always better than rejecting the promptings. I don't know what´s gonna come out of this situation, but I did learn that lesson.
Other than that, this week was pretty normal. I would say it´s harder in this area than it was in my first area. But we´re goig to have a baptism this weekend! We´re baptizing a family of 4. I´ll be sure to send pictures next week. Also, no, I havn't received the package yet, Mom. We´ll see when it gets her--haha. Love you guys!!! Have a greeeeeeat week!!!!
Elder Webb

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