Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 23, 2015


Now that Mom isn't gonna start off her emails like that, someone has to right? 

Well well well.... here we are again! This week was a shorter one than usual with getting to our area late last week, but it was a good one! Elder Aviles and I are doing really good together... he's brand new, and he's still got a lot to learn, but he's a quick learner and reminds me a lot of when I trained Elder Delgado a little over a year ago. haha they are SO similar it's ridiculous... So that's why I think it wasn't a coincidence that I was paired with him. But we're doing great! We got lost a few times in our area this week, but I feel like we've pretty much learned it now. 

It is AMAZING to see how the Lord is hastening his work. There were no missionaries in this area for the last 4 and a half months, and the members were dying to get missionaries in the ward again. We show up, and everyone starts passing out references and they all want to accompany us to go and visit people and we already have a couple of baptisms lined up for the upcoming month or so! Haha I've really been enjoying myself because it seems like everything is just falling into our laps!! hahaha. Like, for example, on Saturday we had the idea to visit a few different people, like old investigators and less actives and stuff like that, but they ended up not being there, but almost at every house that we went to, someone else called out to us and wanted to talk to us. Neighbors, family members of neighbors, random people on the streets.... haha it seemed like everyone was contacting us. It was great... my companion was amazed and was like, "Wow, missionary work is so easy!" hahah... I'm sure we'll get a reality check here soon but for now, we're enjoying ourselves. :)

I'm feeling good healthwise... Haven't had any annoyances or anything. I've been feeling normal. I try to take it easy, like I don't do exercise in the mornings and stuff, and I'm not drinking any soda. So I've been feeling good. For what it's worth. 

I really wish I could send you all photos of me and my new companion, but I left my camera in the mission offices... so I've gotta wait a few days to be able to pick it up.

Make someone's day today! Be an answer to someone's prayer. Love you all dearly!!

Elder Webb

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