Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 2, 2015

¡Que hubole!

Well hey everybody! Wow, exciting things going on these days! So if Cam puts in his papers in two months, he would be getting his call like right around the time that I get home, right? Wow that's pretty incredible.... So much is going on!!  I literally can't believe that Sam is already home! Good night that is crazy.... I  haven't kept in touch with him for about the last year, so when you see him will you tell him to write me please?

Well well well... this week flew by! Elder Hernandez and I are doing great! He's been an awesome companion! It seems like we've been together forever now... ha and it has been a while, like 4 months! But we enjoy working together and we've seen many incredible things together. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not too used to being in an area for so long, and so it's been kinda rough for me to think of new things to do with the members and to find new investigators and stuff. But, with that said, we had the mission counsel meeting this week and they gave us a whole bunch of "new" ideas of things to do. But they aren't really new, many of them are just the basic things that we should already be doing but that sometimes we overlook. So I know that my time here in this area is really short, only a couple more weeks, but I think we've got some good work we've got to get done.

We had a great lesson with Betty this week. It was very spiritual, and she FINALLY committed to be baptized!! It seems likes she's finally made the decision to be baptized the 14th of March, right before I leave the area! We are hoping and praying more than ever that she follows through with this decision, although it does seem that she is more decided and definitely ready to take the next step. Please, keep her in your prayers!!

I'm doing great health-wise. Zero problems lately! The kidney stones haven't bothered me at all, and I'm feeling good! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers. I love you guys so much!! Good luck this week!

Elder Webb

                                                View of Tampico from the Tampico bridge

                          Hermano Yair, and his extreme barbeque. He reminds me so much of Dad. hahah

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