Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 23, 2015


This week was good. I couldn't believe how fast it went by. We had interviews with President this week on Tuesday. It was good, I just had a quick simple interview with him, haha. But we got some cool news here, they're gonna be playing Meet the Mormons here in Mexico! I think like 70 movie theaters over the whole country will be playing the movie. The premier is this Friday. (Obviously, we're not going) But President put on the movie for us! It was awesome, I really liked it. I think it's gonna be great for the community and a lot of people are gonna be interested in knowing more about us.

We went on divisions a few times this week. Once with the assistants, and once with one of the District leaders here in the zone. They both went really well. I enjoyed them. Elder Bartholomew and I had fun together, it was one of those days where it just seemed like everyone was contacting US! Ha it was kinda weird, but occasionally it happens.

Our investigators are doing well. Rosa, not so well. She keeps coming to church and all, but she's really shying away from making a decision on getting baptized or not. Betty told us this week that she's about 97% sure about her decision to be baptized, but she wants to be 100%. We're soooooo close with her. One of our other investigators, a nine year old kid named Luis got baptized on Saturday. He was so pumped!  It was a good experience. Betty went, and I think she liked it as well. All in all, it was a good week. I'm trying to send pictures... but the computer doesn't really want me to.

Congrats, Mom, on your primary program and job review thing and stuff! :) Love you all.

Elder Webb

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