Friday, February 6, 2015

February 2, 2015


How's it going, family?? Mom, your last letter made me think a lot about my testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restoration. This week I had a lot of opportunities to bear that testimony and strengthen the testimonies of others as well. It was kinda interesting to see!

Holy the super bowl is already over? Good night! Who won? Who played? Hey say Hi to the Seelys for me please!

We had a solid week here! Pretty calm, not too much went on! The transfer cycle just ended today, and I'm staying in my area with Elder Hernandez! Haha we've been together for a while now but we're gonna keep it going! We're actually really excited to be able to see a couple of baptisms that we should have coming up.

 This week we were really focused on finding new people to teach. On Thursday, we said a specific prayer that we could find someone looking for the truth. We left, and we went to eat at a really small restaurant. We had been to this place before, and the people were friendly, but we had never actually had the opportunity to meet them. As we were waiting for our order, we started to talk to one of the ladies that worked there. She asked us an interesting question. She said, "What do you need to do to become a missionary?" We explained the process of how mission preparation goes, and that question lead to other questions. In the end, she started to tell us how she was Christian, and that she hasn't congregated anywhere, but that she was always curious about what we taught. We explained the Book of Mormon, and how she can draw closer to her Savior by reading it. She was impressed, and truly showed interest in the message! It wasn't until we left and had placed an appointment to go back that we realized that she was really an answer to our prayers!

I'm thankful for a Father in Heaven who listens to my prayers, even though sometimes I don't understand how it's done, but I know he listens and responds. Thanks for the love and support that I need, I wish you all a happy week!

Elder Weeeeeeeeeeeeeebb 

Elder Cardinal and I--he just finished his mission today!

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