Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 6, 2015

Hey Hey Hey!!

How's it going everybody!! I'm writing on Tuesday because we decided to go to the temple as a zone today. So we had to change our P-day from yesterday to today. But here I am, doin well and livin it up! haha. We had a good time at the temple today as a zone. For me, it's special being a missionary and being able to go the temple. A place where I can go to receive more revelation and feel the spirit even stronger than usual.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I tried to tell as few people as possible about my birthday, so there weren't any festivities or anything like that. However, I did buy a new camera with the money that you guys and other family member sent me. Thanks a bunch! (I know it's like my 4th camera in the mission but I think this one will last for Cam, too, plus it wasn't very expensive). But I really appreciate it. My teenage years are over. That's kinda weird to think.... It's kinda funny tho, because people here ask me how old I am all the time, and I always tell them to guess. They almost always say like 25 or 26... haha so at least I can tell them now that I'm in my 20's ;)

This week was fun! Not for New Year's or anything... honestly we didn't do much. It gets a little crazy here around new year's eve and new year's day so for safety reasons we go home a little early and, ya! Literally impossible to sleep though... Fireworks here are crazy. They're super cheap and there are like no restrictions on them so everyone goes way overboard on the fireworks ALL NIGHT LONG. But it's starting to calm down now :)

I think a little while ago I told you all about Rosa, one of our investigators that was progressing. She stopped going to church about a month and a half ago, and for about the same amount of time, we stopped seeing her. But, Sunday, basically out of the blue, she showed up to church! We were stoked! She seemed excited again! And we had no idea why! haha. But we went by to visit her yesterday and we asked her why she had decided to go to church again. She said, "Do you remember what you told me about asking and praying to know if it was true? Well, I did that. And I know it's true."  We were like... WHATTTT!!! Totally caught me off gaurd but I'm so thankful for that little seed that was planted in her heart that was able to sprout and grow to the point of knowing the truth of this gospel! It was an awesome experience. We're hoping she gets baptized within the next month or so!

I love you, family. Thanks for all the love and support you give me. I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Elder Webb

(The little Christmas tree and gifts we sent Jare and his companions!  Glad it got there on time!)

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