Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12, 2015


I've gotta start out by saying, Mom, that's kind of a weird coincidence that you mentioned about sharing the story of Mary and Martha in your Primary calling. This week there was a Relief Society activity in one of our wards, and they asked us to go and share a thought. They were there learning how to cook and sew and whatever, so we shared with them that same story about Mary and Martha. Just wanted to let you know....

ANYways what's goin on everyone! Woaahh congrats congrats to Cam for getting the call from the golf coach from BYU Hawaii! I'm so proud of him! That'll be way sick. Hope everything turns out good! I've heard of Elder Skow... never met him. But one of these days I'm sure I'll run into him! Ha I can't believe Nick is already home! Again! Send him my best. We usually keep in touch but still.

We had a pretty cool week this week! It went by wayyy fast. But we had a couple of memorable experiences. We have this one investigator, I think I told you about her on Christmas, her name is Betty. She's been progressing really well, doing everything from reading to praying to going to church. But she's been afraid to accept a baptismal date. So, we decided to teach her about the temple this week, and we got this idea to take her to the temple and teach her there. What better visual aid than the temple itself right? So we went, and let me tell ya, it was an unforgettable experience. I've had few experiences as spiritual as that one in my life. We were able to go inside and teach her in the waiting room, and there was such a calm, peaceful spirit there. We didn´t hardly do or teach much, we basically just sat back and let the spirit take over. We got to the point where she said, trying to describe how she felt, "I feel an incredible peace. Its... indescribable. I've never felt anything like it before." At that moment, we extended to her the baptismal invitation, and put a goal for the 31st of Jan.  And she accepted! She finally accepted! Ahh man it was awesome. I'm so thankful for the temple, and for the place of peace and refuge that it is, and I know that it is the Lord´s house, and that His spirit resides there.

Elder Hernandez got a little sick this week... He came down with the cold. Elder Smith and I have, for the moment, not caught anything. Fingers crossed for this week. But we're doing excellently well. Much love coming to all of you from Mexico! Shout out to my mission president's wife, Sister Jordan, because I know she reads my blog sometimes! :) Catch you all next week!

Elder Webb

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