Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 19, 2014

Hey Hey Hey!

Mom, since you didn't write me very much this week, I'm not gonna write you very much either. Nah I'm just kidding.... I'll just use that as an excuse because I don't have much to write about either. Also, forgive me, the USB port on my computer doesn't work so I won't be sending any pictures today, even though I've got some pretty sweet ones to send. What's a guy gotta do to find a decent USB port these days.

I hope everyone is doing well!! Safe travels to Lindsey back to Massachusetts. We are officially no longer in a threesome. They sent Elder Smith to a different area with another missionary who had special changes with his companion. It was on Friday, we were just in the house studying as a companionship, I believe, when we received a call from the assistants. "Is Elder Smith there?" they asked me. And I was like... great. I totally know what this is for. Ha.  So right then and there he got his stuff ready and we headed straight out to the mission offices. We were all pretty sad. We were having a great time together with him in our companionship. But he's in a better place now. hahaa.

This week we were couped up in house almost all week. Elder Hernandez's cold started to turn into bronchitis, so we had to rest from tuesday until Sunday, basically, with a few hours of work here and there. It was a little boring honestly.... we just stayed home and read! And played UNO (thank you, mom.... thank you. That game really saved us). But, the good news is that Elder Hernandez is doing well now. Seems to have overcome his sickness. So this week we should be able to work like normal! I don't really have any experiences to share with you all this week... I read like the whole New Testament.... that was pretty much my big achievement of the week.

Well family of mine that I love very much, I hope you all have a great week and that all of your dreams come true. Much love coming at all of you from Mexico! I thank you for your prayers!!

Elder Webb

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