Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 2, 2014

So..... Mom speaks Spanish somehow? Google translate? Or did Mom order Rosetta Stone and become fluent in Spanish in one week? Something's going on here...

*(For those reading this, I (Peg)  had Lindsey's boyfriend, Dallin, help me write a whole paragraph in Spanish at the beginning of my recent letter to Jared. :)*

Yes Mom, that was me in the middle with the glasses on. They were Elder Spellacy's glasses, I just stole them for a second. Elder Spellacy literally has the worst eyesight ever, and the glasses that he has reminded me of Mom's glasses that she used to wear. Only Elder Spellacy's were like half the size of Mom's ;)

The food is great, Mom, thanks for asking. Actually, today we did something pretty cool as a zone. My companion and I went and bought a whole pig leg the other day (like 15 pounds) so that we could do tacos al pastor today for the whole zone. Bernardo, who I think I've mentioned before, came to do it for us because he's the taco chef. He absolutely loves me.... haha and I love him, too. He's one of those special people you meet as a missionary that you help return to church and you just create that relationship. But for that, he wants to cook for us every Monday! haha. So cool :) So today, he came to the church early to cut up all the meat and do the special recipe for the pastor flavor. I'll have to make it for you guys when I get home--it is soooooooo good!! So Elder Bartschi (from Vegas) and I were in charge of cutting the meat up into small pieces for the tacos. So that's what we did this morning and it turned out unreal!!! mmmm. Can't get enough tacos, man, I'm tellin ya.

This week was alright.... We're really strugglin with our investigators, none of them are really progressing. I've been getting down on myself a little bit lately because in my time here, we've only had one baptism, and we aren't anywhere really close to having another one. But I realized something yesterday at church. Even though we aren't bringing too many investigators to church, we are bringing a bunch of old less active members. People like Bernardo, this other guy named Mario, A 17 year old kid named Carlos, a 30 year old return missionary named Julio, who has been struggling with alcoholism for years now, and an older sister named Berna, all came to church with us yesterday. I consider that a success... and every one of them is showing great progress. 

I feel like sometimes, we need to widen the vision to see the areas that we really are doing well in. Sometimes, we focus too much on one area, and when we don't see success there, we think we're failures. But there are always other successes, especially when we're involved in the Lord's work. Because in the work of the Lord, no effort is in vain. 

Love you all TONS!! Have an awesome week!!

Elder Webb

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