Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hey everyone!

Before I tell you all how my week went, I have to confess something. Mom, I wish I would have never quit taking piano. Remember when you would tell me, "When you're out on your mission, you're gonna want to know how to play all the hymns." And I was like, "ya... right." I am officially regretting ever stopping to practice the piano. Wanna know why? The ward I'm in doesn't have a ward pianist. And since I know a little bit about the piano, they asked me to be their ward pianist. Every Sunday I'm there playing the prelude music and everything. Lets just leave it at, I regret quitting practicing the piano. Wow, what do you know... Mom was right again.

This week was good! We're working well here in this area. Finding many people that are already prepared to receive the Gospel. My companion is a hard worker. So I don't have many problems with him. But ya we're gonna have a baptism this Saturday! Her name's Juanita, I think I already told you guys. I'll send pictures next week :) We're in the process of finding people and preparing them for baptism. We have quite a few investigators but not tons of them are progressing. So we're gonna spend lots of time on our knees this week. 

I just recently finished the Book of Mormon again so now I'm starting the New Testament. Reading this morning in Matthew 4 when Jesus is taken away by the Spririt to be tempted by the devil, I found an interesting insight. Satan, trying to tempt Jesus into denying his Sonship, tempted him to turn the stones to bread, to take himself down from the high point of the tower, and to worship Satan himself for all the riches of the world, to which Jesus responded every time with "It is written..." and then his response to the temptation. Jesus shows us the perfect example of how to deal with the temptations from the devil. By studying the scriptures, the written word. In them are all the answers. Just something interesting that I noticed, but it's true is it not? My love for the scriptures has grown immensely out here on the mission, and it makes me so happy to hear that you guys are doing a Book of Mormon reading challenge. Haha--I think I started like, 3 or 4 Book of Mormon challenges but never made it past Alma. haha. So for that, I congratulate you guys for getting further than me!

Everything's goin good out here! Super hot... like, wayyyyy too hot. I hate it. I like cold weather. But I love it here at the same time. Hope you all are doin grrrreat!! Next week, pictures comin your way. Les amo a todos!!

Elder Webb

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