Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hey Hey Family!!
How goes it?? Dad got put in the bishopric again--no way!!! Haha that's so smooth. Best of luck to ya Dad :) You'll do great. But I can't help but laugh when I think of Dave Beck, Garret Seely, and Dad all in the Bishopric. That's a Bishopric of all-stars right there!! Haha let's hope that they don't mess around too much and that they can get some stuff done ;) haha. Mom, thanks so much for the great letters every week. I feel bad becuase sometimes I don't write the best letters home but I can always count on Mom to give me a great letter every week :) Thanks Mom, love ya.
This week was alright! Good things are happening in the area. This week, President Jordan came to our zone and told us all about the plan that the area seventy have for Mexico. The plan this year is all focused in BAPTISMS!! But not just baptsims, baptisms of CONVERTS. But I can say that since that meeting on Tuesday, we've seen a great deal of the hand of the Lord in helping us find new people to teach and helping us progress with our investigators (I give a lot of credit to Mom and her prayers as well).
But Irma is doing good... she is soo smart and understands everything right off the bat. She wasn't able to come to church yesterday because her son got really sick the night before and she had to stay home and tend to him. But she's progressing quite nicely towards her baptismal date on Feb. 22nd :) We hope and pray that all continues to go well with her.
Faustina and Sabina are doing well too... They're super aprehensive in setting a baptismal date but they are progressing. Yesterday, they came to church but they showed up in the middle of the sacrament. They could see through the little window on the door and saw that we were "busy" and so they left. Kinda funny though. But we are doin good... and finding new people to teach every week. We're finally progressing a little out here :)
I hope everything's well back home. I really miss you guys, and I try not to think about back home too much. But it helps me get through each and every day all the love and support that I receive from back home. So thank you all... Love you all soo much. Have a fantastic week!! :)
Elder Webb

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