Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hey, Family!!
Glad to hear everyone is doin well!! Except for the sad news about Unce Sheryl... I still remember to this day how he would always confuse mine and Cameron`s names on purpose just to try and be funny. In all honesty I didn't know him very much but it still makes me sad to hear about his condition. I wish them the best!
Dad, I think I understand you a little bit when you have to get up in sacrament and direct a meeting. (Notice I said a little bit haha.) Because now that I'm district leader, every week I have to get up and conduct our district meeting. Which sucks. Haha but it's alright.... It would be much more comfortable if I could do it in English but I'm comfortable with Spanish, too. So it's no big deal for me now but when I was first put as district leader, man was I nervous! haha. You'll have to let me know who gets put in as the new Stake President. For basically as long as I can remember President Nilson has been Stake President. It'll be weird for me, that's for sure, to see a new one when I get home! But I love President Nilson. Send him my best, please.
This week was pretty sweet!! The work's goin good.... and me and my companion are finally tight and having a good time. We're starting to find new people and continuing to progress! Our investigator, Irma, as well as her 8 year old son who I guess you could consider an investigator, weren't able to come to church this week because she went to visit her family in Veracruz (another state in Mexico). But she is progressing really well! The other day we were teaching her the law of chastity and the word of wisdom. We finished teaching her about coffee and tea and stuff and she goes, "Look, I can drop coffee like a snap, but I can't promise you anything about Victor (her 8 year old son) cuz he looooooves coffee!" Hahah we had a good laugh about it, but I'm tellin ya she's golden. We just gotta get her to come to church! Our other investigators are alright, Faustina and Sabina are falling backwards... we weren't able to teach them this last week for some reason and they didn't come to church either. We'll see with them.... but who knows. But things are pretty normal here.... alllllll gooood. haha. Lovin every minute of the mission.
Love you all so much!!! Thank you all for the love and support. Hope you have an awesome week. Next week, I'll have a sweet spiritual experience or thought to give to you guys :) Love you all--take a whole bunch of care! :) (Hahah--something you would say in Spanish).
Elder Webb

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