Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 6, 2015

Howdy everyone!

Man it sounds like you all had a good time watching conference, especially the part with the root beer floats and pizza for priesthood session! When I get home, we better go to the chapel to watch the priesthood session... I don't want to get rid of that tradition! But conference was great. I really enjoyed it, and I received many answers to the questions that I had. It was really weird to think that it was my last general conference in the mission. I think it's starting to actually hit me that I'm going home soon... It's gonna be tough I'll tell you that much. I have a great love for my mission.

This week was a good one! We started it off with a trip to the temple for my comp to get endowed. He was super excited, and it was a good experience for me to be his guide or whatever you call it. We had a great temple experience. The short time that we were here in our own area, we didn't get too much work done, but we did get a little bit. Right now it's basically spring break for everyone here. So NO ONE is around. like seriously! We did divisions, and Elder Tueller from Hawaii came here to my area with me. He's a stud and a good friend. We had a good time together, and found a couple of sweet investigators! 

My companion and I received a reference from other elders, so we went to contact her this week. We got there, and we were shouting for her to come out, but, even though it seemed like someone was home, no one was coming out. My companion, already a little distraught for the tough day we had had said, "Let's just get out of here, Elder, she obviously doesn't want to come out." I told him to wait just a minute, and that we would try a couple more times, and that she would come out. So we did, and she came out. She was really hesitant at first and looked like she didn't want anything from us, but she finally came out to where we were and started talking to us. She's a Catholic lady, but very spiritual. She said that she had kind of talked to missionaries before, but that it never turned into anything. We started talking about her family, and she told us that she's really struggling with her husband, and they're having some pretty big problems. She said that she's been praying and praying for help to know what to do, and that she felt that something big was waiting for her, something that she had been missing for a long time. I testified to that humble sister that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is exactly that missing piece, and the Spirit testified very strongly to all of us. We're excited to go back and teach her this week!
Thanks for all the love and support everyone. I love you all tremendously. Thank you for all the prayers, I can feel them and I know that Heavenly Father is blessing me.

"Hanging in there is not a principle of the Gospel."!

Elder Webb

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