Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 18, 2014

Wassup, everybody!!

Dannnnnnng--you guys are all growin up now aren't ya!! Lindsey, gotta say, nice touch on the glasses. And Cam doesn't look too bad in flannel. Is that even flannel? I don't remember anymore. Is Cameron taller than Dad now??

Man, things are rollin along out here! First off, yesterday was the last day of this transfer cycle and we found out that Elder Hernandez and I are gonna be staying together for another transfer! We're super pumped about that because we're seeing a ton of good things goin on here and we don't want to leave just yet! Speaking of good things goin on... Abimael and Angelica are gonna get baptized this Saturday!! They are soooooo pumped!! I'll have some pictures comin next week. They are such a blessing to us... And they WILL be such a blessing to this branch. They truly are converted to the Lord and his gospel and are just anxiously waiting to enter into his path. Jesus, one of our other investigators, is still progressing really nicely and will probably be baptized at the beginning of September! Things in this branch are really starting to turn around in the good direction!

This week went by so fast for me.... I like swear I didn't notice that today was already Monday. Haha so I'm struggling to remember things that we did this week! But one of the highlights of our week was on Saturday, when we had a big branch activity. We got up at like 6 in the morning and we hiked up to one of the famous places in this city. Its kinda like a monument, the they call it the Hill of the Cross. It's just a massive white cross on top of this big mountain, so as a branch we hiked up to it! It was a great time. We sang songs, we played games, we had a carne asada with a ton of food, and took a lot of cool pictures! I sent you guys a couple of them. But it was really a good experience, and it really helped the branch to gain more unity. More investigators went than members! All of the investigators are game to hike up to the cross but nowhere to be found on Sunday morning.....hmmm...... ;) haha. But it's all good we had a good time.

I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. It's crazy that golf season is already here again! Time just flies by for me in all honesty.... The work is really picking up here, and we're super excited to keep going. With the transfers that we just had, they made me district leader again. I was kinda enjoying my little break--not gonna lie.... haha but whatever I'm still excited. I hope you all have an amazing week! Know that I love you!!

Elder Webb

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